Running in the backyard in my boyfriend’s shorts…a pre-sunrise activity no??

Pre-sunrise activities today included the following:

  • shower
  • breakfast of oats/nilla soymilk/banana/chia seeds/pb/syrup

So here’s how it went down:  As I am busy getting ready I proceed to hear the dog barking at the top of her doggie lungs at some certain squirrel/cat/bird…. since it’s 6:40am I decide to be courteous to our neighbors who probably already hate us and call her to come inside.  Lucy Dog has other intentions, including running back and forth across the yard while I yell for her to come inside (once again, I am sure our neighbors hate us).  Since I am in my nightshirtthing, I grab the first thing I see which is Jordan’s shorts and throw them on and chase her across the yard barefoot until I catch her and have to pull her inside.  Funny sight before sunrise?  Yea, I think so. 😦

Lucy Dog and I are not speaking right now needless to say, she owes me an apology….! 

Hahaha so how is everyone else’s day going so far?!  Who is excited that it’s almost Friday? ME ME ME!!!!

Phew, one more full day of statistically analyzing data and then a short day tomorrow, whoa is me 😉

Lunch redeemed itself today!


Grilled chicken sammie on onion roll w/ honey mustard, dill tater salad (soooo good and not too mayonaise-ey!), fruit + carrot cake (yea! so moist and deelish, this shizz was good!) = I think so 🙂


Now that’s more like it 😉

So what does everyone have planned for the weekend, anything exciting and fun?!  Do tell 🙂

I am looking forward to a relaxing few days after traveling last weekend.  Sometimes I really like just having nothing big planned at all, refreshing!

I am getting my hair did Saturday and am thinking that I may change up the color slightly… but we’ll have to wait and see!  I also hope that we will have some dinner plans with my parents at some point as well perhaps 🙂 (que Mom to call daughter… love you!)

Other than that, we really need to do some things around the house that we have taken a break from since buying it.  I want to go curtain shopping, light shopping, and look for a few other things like that!

Giveaways you ask?  Check out this one over at EatCleanLiveGreen for some superfab Vega products!!!

Alright kiddos — gotta jet!  See ya tonight for a din recap after I do some exercisin’ — still undecided on yoga or Shreddin’, what’s with my indecisiveness this week?!  Ah well

Have a great Thursday peeps! 🙂

Perhaps it may go a lil’ somethin’ like this…. shhhh I won’t tell! 😉



10 responses to “Running in the backyard in my boyfriend’s shorts…a pre-sunrise activity no??

  1. savoringsarah

    Ohhhh that naughty PUP! I’ve totally been there, though. Sorry about the hater neighbors!

    That lunch totally made the lame one worth it! Shoot!

    Only plans for the weekend involve a gallon of paint, a spare bedroom, and shopping for dressers 🙂 Exciting, eh!

  2. I love your dog chasing story! I am sure Lucky Dog had a blast though. 🙂 I think indecisiveness times come to us all. I know I have had many days were I could not decide on anything.

  3. Looking forward to a 3day weekend, filled with baby showers, b0day dinners, state fair and rest!

  4. Haha, that totally counts as exercise. I don’t have anything planned for the weekend yet. Saturday Bobby has class all day, so I’m totally free. I’ll have to do something fun 🙂

    • Ooooo that totally is exercise, good one! 🙂 Saturday Jordan has work too, so I’m going to find some fun things to do as well I hope (including hair appointment, which is always fun!)

  5. ohh fun weekend plans, I love changing things up with my hair!!

    your doggy sounds like a wild one! but such a cutie! I am sure you two will make up soon!!!

    LOVIN your blog girl!

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