POM Round #1

This morning’s brekkie looked a lil’ something like this (plus some unseen pb)


Fancied up


And yes, I measure my cereal servings bc I have no self control around this stuff – how cute is this thing?! (thanks Mom 🙂 )


 I had little to no time for brekkie prep, so cereal won out over oats :/  But I adore the Cinna Kashi paired with Vanilla soymilk – wonderous – so okay move in my book!  Add some PB and naner and you are golden 🙂

But more importantly, how was my first try at this guy?


No…. I did not make one of their cocktail recipes for breakfast peeps 😉  I do have some sense of sanity here haha, I just liked the glass!

A few facts first:

  1. no taste of pomegranate but all the antioxidant power & health benefits of POM pomegranates + a caffeine boost!
  2. Rainforest Alliance certified coffee beans
  3. rBST growht hormone-free milk and organic cane sugar preservative free
  4. Each bottle is under 200 cals and 3g fat too

My thoughts:  I enjoyed this addition to my breakfast, why? 

  • tasted good even though I tend not to prefer plain coffee flavor
  • I knew that I was giving my body some wonderful early morning goodness by adding it to my meal

I tend to not like strong coffee flavor, and this wasn’t too overpowering, however I am really looking forward to trying the vanilla and chocolate types bc that may be more up my alley. My only other thing is that I probably wouldn’t drink the whole bottle in 1 serving since it has 170 cals (lil’ high for my liking) but splitting it into 2 servings or sharing it would be ideal….

…hence why I left the other half for The Man to try out!! 

His thoughts: the café au lait Pom was ok, flavor wise it was like any other iced coffee only minus the ice, which did affect the flavor because a lot of times the ice melts and helps to thin out the strong flavor for me (he took it on the go, I put mine on ice – I would recommend doing this)…comparable to Starbucks, I have less of a taste for coffee and more of a taste for the chocolate flavor iced coffee so I cant wait to try that one.

I coulda told you he’d say this… why do I know him so well?  🙂 Still not sure whether he knows of all the benefits this drink has for the ol’ body, so remember that his opinion is purely based on taste!

All in all,  while the flavor was good, I probably would base a purchase of this on the fantastic nutrition benefits. I’ll keep you posted on how the chocolate/nilla sampling goes!

Onto Friday lunch! Which is always pizza at training, however they also get some pretty decent salads to go with… I was okay with it 😉




And just to let everyone know, after her shannigans yesterday, Lucy Dog and I are now friends again after a quick chat

Steph & Lucy 3 Turkey Day

some reminiscing on how long we’d been pals (this is the first day I got her)

Lucy and Toy 1

she gently reminded me of the time I made her wear this

Sweater Girl 2

And before we knew it we were back at it again…. Lucy forgiven 🙂

Lucy Steph

Alright peeps, HAPPY FRIDAY!!  🙂 🙂

I’m outta here, we have a short day at work (much deserved!) and I have some yoga on the agenda this afternoon.  Not sure what’s up for tonight, but be sure that I’ll be back to let ya know!


8 responses to “POM Round #1

  1. Glad that you and Lucy are on talking terms again! 🙂 You two are so cute together. I can’t wait till I can get a dog! I am playing on doing some yoga today too. SO excited for it!

  2. UGH I just love LUCY!! She looks so much like Daisy. I swear they are long lost sisters!

    I am obsessed with those measuring cups! Where did she find them?

  3. oh how i miss her little sweater 😦

  4. Enjoy the yoga! Your lunch looks like the perfect meal to me 🙂

  5. mmmmm…cinnamon kashi! I haven’t seen that yet but I’ll be sure to pick some up. I love love love cold cereal and totally get what you mean about not being trusted. Cute measuring spoon 🙂

  6. bites4change

    I feel so lucky that I found your blog! I just got two acorn squash from a friend at work and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I’m going to follow your lead… squash is such a comfort food 🙂 Perfect for fall.

    Have a great Saturday!

    • I’m so glad you found my blog too! I hope you love the squashies… they are truly such a decadent yet healthy dish 🙂 Let me know how they turn out!

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