Today made me happy. Simple as that :)

Hey everyone!  Whew what a busy busy day, but I loved it! 

Wanted to let everyone know that I confirmed with the The Man that he in fact he actually loved the chocolate POMx, which is funny bc before I sent him off to work with a thermos full of it I told him “it wasn’t my fave but I bet you will like it”(?!) I told ya, I know this man’s tastes like the backa my hand 😉 

So you know what makes me happy? That he enjoyed this morning beverage and also got tons of healthy antioxidants, probably more than he has ever gotten, w/out even knowing it!  That’s freakin’ awesome.

You know what else makes me really happy, that I won the superfab homegirl Allison’s Vega giveaway!!! I can’t wait to try these products 🙂 Ya’ll should go check out her site too —  just click right here!

It also makes me happy that I ended up only spending $83 on groceries including extras that we needed… and that I planned this menu which I am super pumped about while at the hair salon (wait for it….)

  • Saturday:  Delmonico steaks, fesh corn, home baked sweet tater fries
  • Sunday:  Buffalo Chicken pot pie courtesy of one of my fave homegirlz Jenna!
  • Weekday:  Italian Chicken, Tabouli w/ cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Weekday:  Spicy Pumpkin Soup w/ pumpkin bread, roasted broccoli
  • Weekday:  Bone Suckin’ sauced chicken, sauteed golden beets + leaves
  • Weekday: Chicken stir fry w/ green beans, purple peppers and onions

I like to have a plan for the week, but also be able to mix n’ match days depending on our schedules!

That brings me to my new hair do, which I love and obvi makes me happy! I went a “half shade darker” as my lady told me (gradual changes peeps haha) and didn’t get it cut this time around since I am trying to grow it out and it wasn’t lookin’ too shaggy.  Feelin’ purty!  Does anyone else love getting their hair done? 


It also makes me happy that I go to a salon that only uses Aveda products since I love these plant-based products… did you know that they are the first beauty care company to attain cradle to cradle sustainability?  Pretty darn awesome.

Guess this means it’s time for Dinner Time!!! 

My mom went to Whole Foods 5-after-5 yesterday (wine + food score!) and had some sweet tater fries which she thought were amazing…. today was a recreation day thanks to her superfab advice!  Sliced up 2 sweet taters


mixed together these guys (2 tblsp oil + 1/4 tsp of cumin, cayanne, chili powder, sea salt)


I always buy spices in small quantities when I don’t use them often, we have an awesome place where you can do that, love it!

Then coated the fries in the spicy oil


And baked at 400F for 40 minutes. Voila!  Deeeelish 🙂


We also had steak on the menu, some awesome Delmonico’s which I picked up at Tom Leonards.  I marinaded them for a few in some soy sauce, worcestershire, garlic, oil, salt, pepper.  Then cooked ’em up on my bff 😉


One word. AMAZING. Why have I never made these before? Yea, not sure…..

Not to forget the fresh corn too — which I cooked in boiling water with some sugar added (The Man’s mom gave me this fab trick!)


And here’s how it went down (literally)


Perfect. Saturday. Dinner.

Plus check out how awesome-tastic this steak was cooked (pattin’ my back, yea you caught me 😉 )


Alright peeps, I gotta get outta here and go watch some football read all the mags Mom brought over earlier and chow down on some of this


I may go check out a local wine festival with my Mom tomorrow depending on the weather but besides that I definitely want to exercise and relax!  Plus din tomorrow should be fabulous, can’t wait 😉

Enjoy Saturday!!


7 responses to “Today made me happy. Simple as that :)

  1. Best ice cream EVER!

  2. Awesome meal planning. You can save so much money by only buying what you know you’re going to eat!

    The only stumbling block I have is how busy Dan and I are– meals end up getting pushed back in favor of more simple ones. I’m working on it. 🙂

  3. foodieinthecity

    You are so on top of your meal planning! Spicy pumpkin soup?? Where is that recipe from? Sounds divine.

    I hope you LOVE the buffalo chicken pot pie. I am not huge on buffalo chicken, but this dish was dannng good 🙂

    I need to find that pumpkin ice cream. Puppy training=stressful=apple pie with ice cream (preferably pumpkin).

    • Hey hey new doggie mommy!!! The spicy pumpkin soup is actually a mix I got at world market… just add cream (I”m going to use half n half) and water and cook it up! I am so curious to see how it tastes. I’ll let you know how the buff chick turns out 🙂 excited!!! I found hte pumpkin ice cream at walmart believe it or not?

  4. I have to plan out my weeks worth of meals too. It really helps with creating less stress I think. 🙂 Looks like love is all around! Love your new hair do! I enjoy going to the salon because they can always make my hair look great and make it look so easy to do – though I can never re-create it. 😦

    • I can’t ever recreate it either… they always get mine so darn straight (it’s naturally wavy) and I love the “just got my hair did” feeling!! 🙂 I love the way it smells too, Aveda products are sooo awesome.

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