Have I gone to heaven?

My oh my what a wonderfully busy Sunday!  Look what we finished up around the homestead 🙂

New bedroom curtains


New living room wall sconces/decorations


New dining room wall sconces


Happy girl!

Also made the halloween goodies… but instead of a cake or cupcakes I turned them into cookies!!  If you’ve never made cookies out of cake mix you should so try it, they are fluffy and totally Yummm 🙂


Anddddd since we finally cleaned out the third bedroom (yea, I know) I decided to make it into my workout room!  Today I did an Exercise TV video, with my main man Kendall Hogan (Bootcamp Calorie Burn)…. it’s a mix of various cardio moves with some strength built in and it felt great!

My mom also stopped over and brought us a giant pumpkin too… love that woman 🙂

After a quick shower it was time to start on the….

Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie!

This was a Rachel Ray recipe that my homegirl Jenna tried a few weeks back and I just knew that it HAD to be made in this household (The Man is also slightly obsessed with buffalo chicken, and by slightly I mean totally and completely 😉 )

Get the veggies ready


Chop up and saute the chicken in some EVOO (I only used 1 giant chicken breast)


Take chicken out of pan, saute veggies in some EVOO in same pan.


Make buffalo sauce – start with a butter/flour mixture (I cut it down to 3 tblsp ratio) then add chicken stock (cut down to 2 cups) and hot sauce whisking until thickened.


Then combine the veggies, chicken and sauce into saucepan and set aside while you make topping.


Make corn muffins according to directions, then stir in blue cheese.


Add chicken/veggie mixture into baking dish.


Spoon corn bread topping to cover


Bake in 375F oven for 25 minutes.  NOTE:  I would highly recommend putting it on top shelf in oven and placing a baking pan on lower shelf to catch overflow, bc some of the sauce had a mind of it’s own and went currrazzzzy 😉


Holy chicken cow celery carrot whatever you want to call it!!! 




And hers.


Then seconds, for both 😉

This recipe is freaking amazing…. I know I say this alot peeps, but omg I have never had anything like this before and I don’t know how I have lived my life without it for so long… seriously 😛

The sweetness of the corn bread topping combined with the spicy creaminess of the filling was so freakin’ fantastic.  My tastebuds are in their glory and lovin’ me right now.  Holy chicken pot pie.

Well, I have nothing more to say other than if you get the chance to try this please do!

I’m off to lounge on the couch & relax with The Man… it’s been a busy day and I’m pooped 🙂  Time for some football, google reader and more Chard (who said that?)

Have a lovely rest of the weekend bloggies!! 🙂


25 responses to “Have I gone to heaven?

  1. savoringsarah

    Ummm your house is GORGEOUS!!! Love all the colors and new additions 🙂

    I’m def. going to have to try that recipe. It sounds heavenly. I think my boyf gies through a bottle of Franks every two weeks so it’ll be right up his alley!!

  2. I haven’t made cookies with cake mix in forever, but I should…they are so good!

  3. WOW! Nice job on the decorations. And that dinner sounds like something Josh would LOVE! Just a great Sunday overall. Hope your Monday treats you well

  4. Your decorating looks beautiful!!

    That pot pie sounds awesome! I bet I could make it gluten free, too, since it uses a cornbread topping.

  5. Your place is so cute! Love the new decorations… good job. I have never tried cupcakes as cookies before… what a neat idea. I might just have to give that a try sometime!

    • They are really cakey type cookies – love the diff texture from a “normal” cookie… sooo good! And that darn icing, why must it be so addictively bad for you 😉

  6. yum – that pot pie sounds awesome!

    Sounds like a good weekend 🙂

  7. that does look delicious! who would have thought to make a buffalo chicken pie!!! OMG amazing 🙂

    and love the colors in your house, very modern and fresh

  8. Yey for new decorations, looks great, I am totally jealous of all your space! Pot pies are awesome for the fall and I can’t even imagine how delicious your Buffalo chicken one was. Corn muffin as the topping? That’s perfect. Good idea with the cookies too, I love cakey cookies they always remind me of the store bought kind that I have a secret love for.

    • i have a crush on those store cookies too haha :/ these turned out sooo good and were such a nice treat (hey, it’s a “holiday” right…) good luck with your race today 🙂

  9. The house looks great!! I love how the curtains look in the bedroom…pulls the whole room together!

    Holy cow that pot pie looks amazing. It’s a pretty simple recipe too…

    • thanks! the curtains were a steal at world market too (i am officially obsessed with that store haha)!

      the pot pie was outta this world, and i am not a huge casserole/pie type gal but holy moley it was good 🙂 boyfriend = very happy man last night haha

  10. Your house is looking very nice! And that pot pie sounds just perfect, I love the cornbread topping!

    • thanks! i loved the blue cheese crumbles mixed throughout the corn bread topping — the sweetness of the corn bread + tanginess of the blue cheese = amazing 🙂

  11. LOVE your decorations!! Especially the living room color and exposed brick in the dining room. I did some mayjuh damage at World Market yesterday – couch and chair on super dooper sale…score!! LOVE that place.

    Mmmm cake cookies. It has been too long since they were in my life. LOVE!

  12. Fitness Gal

    Love Love Loved the cake cookies. My friend used to make them and it brought back so many memories…and completely delicious.
    And your decorations are GORGEOUS. Love the blue color dining room…so bright and airy.

    Whoo hoo for Exercise TV, I do their workouts too. I’ve been trying their new Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader routines they’ve had going this month. It’s perfect…now if only I started looking like one 🙂
    That’s the website in case you want to try it.

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comments! I haven’t tried the Cowboy Cheerleader routines, but maybe I’ll just have to check them out 🙂 Have a great weekend as well!

  13. Yum..this looks so great! What type of hot sauce did you use? In fact I don’t see the recipe am i missing it somewhere? I want to make this…what ingredients do i need? I’m a horrible cook so I need step by step…where can i get this??

    • Hey girlie!The recipe is on Rachel’s website – here’s the link:

      You just need some basics – chicken breat, carrot, celery, chicken stock, hot sauce (I used Frank’s – yummmm), flour, etc…. then just follow step by step and you will be on the path to deliciousness 🙂 My friend over at foodieinthecity made it a while back and that’s how I found out about it, I think I owe her my first-born? haha 😉

      • awesome! thanks! i am going to try it for sure. it might not be until we move but I COMMITT TO trying! (I’m a horrible cook!) I want to get better though!! thanks for your inspiration in doing just that!! your awesome!

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