Blue cheese strikes again!!!

Hey everyone!! Hope you had a great start to the week… I actually have nothing to complain about this very Monday which is always a good thing! 🙂

After work I did my fave yoga workout with my main homegirl Elise GulanYoga.Fitness.Plus. — and remember that you can check it out online too peeps!  This yoga sesh is phenomenal… just ask the superfab pure2raw twins who really enjoyed it too 😉

Then it was time for some dinner!  On tonight’s menu:

  • Tabouli with cucumbers, tomatoes and feta
  • Blue cheese chicken, jazzed up!

First mission: tabouli

Which needed to be chilled before serving so wanted to get that under wrap before starting the chicken!

Took this guy I picked up at none other than World Market (obsession)


Poured the mix in a bowl and added an equal part boiling water…. I mean could it get any easier?


 I also decided to add some Ken’s olive oil to the mix to moisten it up some more


I popped this baby in the fridge and set out on the veggies to mix in…. chopped up a cucumber & 2 tomatoes


Added some black pepper and feta


Then added the chilled tabouli to the veggie mixture, a touch more EVOO to flavor and moisten and check it out!


Oh yeaaaaa….. 🙂

Onto the blue cheese chicken, which a simply delicious recipe my mom taught me and it’s a sure hit every time peeps… if you like blue cheese then you will surely like this!  She has some of the best ideas, fo’ real!  Here are the ingredients:


No joke.  Just cover these chickensguys with some blue cheese dressing and some pepper if ya like, bake at 375F for about 20 minutes til done… and voila!


The dressing cooks down and somewhat changes a bit, don’t know how to describe other than that the flavor is sooooooooooo good.  Mom sure hooked it up on this idea, but don’t mothers always know best 😉

You obvi can eat it just like this, it’s awesomely deelish….

… but tonight I decided to kick it up a notch (woah Emeril!) and sprinkle some blue cheese crumbles (since we had some leftover)


and breadcrumbs on top


then broil on high for 2 minutes until bubbly


Yea!  This really added to the blue cheese flavor… The Man quoted while eating “This is the best chicken I have ever had…”    whoop whoop!

I love him 🙂

Plus some tabouli salad


And that’s a wrap peeps!!!

Gotta get ready for Gossip Girl, XOXO 😉 and enjoy your evening, can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!!!


17 responses to “Blue cheese strikes again!!!

  1. Thanks for all the sweet thoughts on my post tonight- you really made me smile.

    I LOVE tabouli! I could eat it every night. And this is like my favorite combo (with tomato, cucumber, feta). Great meal!

  2. Blue cheese makes everything tastier!

  3. Aww thanks for the shout out girl! I am planning on doing yoga tomorrow again. So excited. And wow that tabouli is fast… and I love me so good tabouli. I have not had it in awhile though… this makes me want to make some!

  4. Mmm…that tabouli looks good!

  5. I have never had tabouli….but now I want to try it!! So I have never ventured into the food section of World Market. I think that’s a definite MUST on my next trip in there! (ummm….later this week?) 😉

    • You should totally check it out, they have the coolest products that I could seriously spend forever looking through! I have some recommendations if you want any, I’ve def tried a fair share of their stuff haha 😉

  6. great dinner! that chicken sounds good.

  7. savoringsarah

    Ummmm, YUM!! Seriously. Ken’s OO&Vin is my FAVVVV bottled dressing!

  8. You are so creative in the kitchen!! Love this idea! Too bad blue cheese has gluten in it 😦

  9. Broil some stinky cheese on chicken and I’m sold! I used to hate blue and gorgonzola cheeses as a kid but now I love them! The flavors are so strong 🙂

  10. I love Elise! have you ever tried any of the workouts with Cindy Whitmarsh?! she is LEGIT!

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