So what’s better than buffalo chicken pot pie??

First off, thanks to all you awesome bloggies for the superfab compliments on our house and decorating yesterday!  Ya’ll really know how to make a girl smile 🙂

So it’s monday… back to the ol’ grind eh?  I must say that I was secretly happy  (not so much anymore – thanks WWW)  today since this week I get to back to the office and not sit through endless of hours of statistical training!  But it’s busy, oh is it busy… but I wouldn’t leave ya hanging 😉 so gotta keep this short friends!

For lunch I obvi had leftover Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie. 


Want to know what’s better than buffalo chicken pot pie?  Day 2 of buffalo chicken pot pie…. for realz! The flavors got better overnight, as if I even thought that one could happen.  Best lunch ev-ah!

Would you still be my blog friend if I told you I may or may not have literally scraped the dish clean… ? 😉

I also packed an apple and some dark chocolate reese’s (yea, yummmm & I woulda never known about this if it wasn’t for the foodie trade I did with the superfab Brandi !!)


And had to sneak a cake cookie in there too 😉  These are deliciously festively yum!


So tonight’s plan after work is to do my fave Yoga.Fitness.Plus routine and then we are having

  • Tabouli w/ cucumbers & tomatoes
  • Chicken (still between blue cheese or Italian spiced)

Alright friends, I gotta get back to work but I can’t wait to have some more time and see you tonight for a dinner recap! Hope you are all having a fabulous Monday 🙂



17 responses to “So what’s better than buffalo chicken pot pie??

  1. Buffalo chicken love all around. I love it!

    Dark chocolate reese’s are where its at. My co-worker introduced us and now I wish she hadn’t!

    Have a good afternoon dear.

    • I will be writing to you when I gain 18 pounds from eating 18 pounds of this delicious pot pie hahaha… you know I’m kidding duh!!! Dark chocolate reese’s ARE where it’s at holy yum 🙂 Oh Monday, be over already right?!

  2. Dang! That BCPP looks soooo good! I love it when things get better over time. Like me. Ha!

    Uh, oh – Dark Chocolate Reese’s??!! I’m in trouble! I LOVE the dark chocolate M&M’s. I mean, okay, I haven’t met an M&M I didn’t like, BUT – the dark chocolate ones are phenom.

    • I love the “BCPP” lingo… best acronym ever! What do they say, “women are like fine wine, they just get better with age…” — favorite saying ev-ah 🙂 at least one that I go by haha! Dark choc is sooo good, and forget it with me and m&ms… i may as well slap those things straight to my thighs bc i have NO self control around them grrr :/

  3. Mmmm..tabouli sounds good. Will you be posting the recipe? 🙂

    • sure will! but i must admit that i bought a box mix :/ but gonna jazz it up with some fresh veggies (that’s how my mom rolls so gonna give it a whirl since hers is always deelish! 🙂 )

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    We would love to offer your readers a coupon code for a free downloadable workout, a few Pink Ribbon DVDs or one or two Jillian Michaels DVDs. Let us know if you have a contest idea and we’ll supply the prize.

    Thanks and great job on your blog!


  5. I’m pretty sure if I could I would eat buffalo chicken pot pie every day for the rest of my life.. just sayin.

  6. Wow, this buffalo chicken pie does sound out of this world good. I just made Rachel’s Buffalo Chicken Chili that I can’t wait to eat! I’ll let you know how it turns out. 😉

  7. scraping is not a problem. Licking, (which is what I usually do) now that might be an issue. jk. you can’t leave any behind am I right!?

    • ok so i confess that i have def been guilty of licking at some point in my life (did i just say that?!) 😉 you are soooo right! if it’s good then it’s good, and who am i to let something go to waste! 🙂

  8. Yuuummmm… buffalo chicken pot pie sounds awesome. I would love to try this at home!

  9. I’ve never made tabouli before! Got to try it…you make it look so easy =)

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