No food for 7 hours counting = not happy fanatic! :(

So it happened… the wisdom tooth is no longer with us.  I feel like a pumpkin, a jack o’lantern to be specific!

In honor of my jack o’lantern-ness, tonight had some pumpkin on the menu (I’m so clever eh?) – however I will warn you that I have not been able to taste anything 😦 

The Man has confirmed that it’s very deelish, however I am waiting on this tooth to stop bleeding grrr 3 hours now!  And I’m getting a bit cranky, not going to lie, I haven’t had food or liquid since 1:30pm and my blood sugar is tanking

So anywho, I’m going to use this time to post dinner anyways bc it (1) looks deelish and (2) smells deelish so if I can’t eat it, at least I can write about it for you folks to enjoy 🙂

When I got home from work I threw the pumpkin soup


 in my fave Paula Dean cast iron pot so it could simmer away and blend up flavors for a while even though the package says 20 minutes is all it needs…. my theory is the longer the better!  I think it just sat on the stove for a few hours and didn’t bother me….

Check out how easy this stuff is


I modified (of course) and used just 1 cup of half n’ half in lieu of the cream.   Didn’t add any additional pumpkin either…





As you know, I have yet to taste, however The Man reported that this soup is fantastic… which is awesome bc I didn’t know if he was going to like it?  It smells sooooo good, I feel like I may be being tortured right now!

I also made some roasted broccoli using this guy


olive oil + garlic…. soooo good.  425F for 20 minutes, voila… and if it tastes how it smells, then I know it was good!  The Man has confirmed too, twas good…. *le sigh*


Plus I made mini-sammies using the farmer’s market pumpkin bread and some blue cheese 🙂  these of which smelled really good too (gahhh I am dying here!) and The Man scarfed down first so musta been tasty 😉


Can you tell I can’t wait to eat…. ?!?!??!

Well, The Man just ran to get to the store and get some tea bags…. apparently the tannic acid in those stops the bleeding (sorry, gross I know guys) so I hope this works.  3.5 hours of gauze is not fun, trust me on this.

I hope to be in a better mood tomorrow peeps!  Either way, I hope you ALL have a great evening 🙂


11 responses to “No food for 7 hours counting = not happy fanatic! :(

  1. I hope the bleeding stops soon! I think I remember going to bed with the tea bag in my mouth when I had a wisdom tooth removed!. Put an old towel on your pillow.

    Dinner looks delish once again. Leftovers tomorrow!!!!!!

    • i may eat my arm at this point… seriously. called doc back, may have to go to his office tonight for him to apply an anti-coagulate to stop this thing…. not fun 😦

  2. Good luck with your tooth/mouth! It’s no fun not being able to eat especially when you have such delicious treats as a grilled cheese made with pumpkin bread! love it 🙂

  3. foodieinthecity

    Oh sweetie, good luck with the tooth! I had mine out about 8 years ago. It was a GREAT excuse to have shakes 🙂

  4. I hope you feel better soon… no fun to not be able to eat all of those delicious looking goodies!

  5. Oh, no!!! I hope the bleeding stops soon. I don’t know what’s worse…the pain or not being able to eat?! Hopefully tomorrow it will be a-okay…or at least enough for some ice cream? 🙂

  6. Good luck, and I hope it stops bleeding soon! When it does, go with lots of soup, applesauce, and ice cream/fro yo!

    And I’m glad to see you already called your dentist…I was going to suggest that 🙂

  7. I hope everything is OK with the bleeding. {{HUGS}}}

  8. Oh, I hope your mouth starts for feel better. I remember getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Not fun! But I guess it is apart of life. I can send you some raw ice cream to help numb the pain?? HAHA

  9. bah! farewell wise tooth — hope your mouth feels better stat!

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