Spending Tuesday in the tropics…

Hey blog world!  It’s Tuesday, which means Monday is ov-ah, which means I have to get a wisdom tooth pulled and a cavity filled today grrrrr 😦 however this may or may not actually happen, we’ll see (long story).

However, to combat THAT no-fun zone I decided to take myself to the tropics this morning!  Has anyone ever tried this stuff?


Yea I’m a guilty tanner, trying to quit the tanning bed bc I know, I know, it’s SO bad for you but I just love that summer glow! 

So I gave this stuff a whirl for the first time on Saturday, and I loved it! Gave me a nice glow so I thought I’d step it up and apply again today…. and come home from a day at the office a bronzed goddess (well, you know what I’m sayin 😉 ). 

So far today (just like last time) the lotion is not sticky or smelly and is giving me just a gradual tint, I love it!  No oompa-loompa look yet either…. good news in my book haha.  Sooo much better than Jergens (tried this last year), take that!

But back to reality here and onto the eats!

I brought a good best friend into work with me today (we’re bffs – forever) and slathered on an ol’ red delicious (coupon for a free 3lb bag – I think so!) and fell in love, sorry boyfriend. 😉


For lunch I packed a quick turkey/provolone wrap and melted it up all nice and gooey warm in the toaster + some mustard obvi!

Now you see it


Now you don’t


And also the star of the show…. tabouli!! Leftovers from last night…. which you will most def see again this week considering it made a shizz ton 🙂

Happy tabouli eatin’ fam…. that’s right 😉


Second day…. flavors blend… works like a charm every time!


Hey, how’d these guys get in there 😉  There may or may not have been some post-lunch chocolate indulging (soooo weakkkk you make me Mr. M&M!!!!!) hahaha

Alright peeps, gotta get back to work since I have to leave early to go to the dentist 😦  Plan tonight is for some softer foods tonight due to my probable mouth situation haha….


  • Spicy pumpkin soup  (World Market find…. lookin’ forward to this one!)
  • Pumpkin grilled cheese (provolone on pumpkin bread, experiment time!)
  • Roasted broccoli (told you we loved this stuff, here it is again!)

Be back later tonight for a recap…. and hopefully not in too much pain from dentist adventures!!!

Have a loverly day bloggies 🙂 !!  (college besties – that’s for you loverlies 😉 )


10 responses to “Spending Tuesday in the tropics…

  1. That wrap looks awesome–and I’m dying to try that pumpkin butter!!

  2. its about time you got those wisdom teeth out! jk 🙂 good luck! love ya

    • We’ll see if it happens…. :/ stupid canker sores (2 grrr) — why did I inherent the gene that makes you prone to these darn things?! 😉 thanks Mom, since I know you are reading haha 🙂

  3. I am actually a huge fan of sunless tanners 🙂 never tried that brand though – I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled!

  4. Love you Loverly! Let me know how the Wisdom Tooth situation turns out. Hopefully you’ll get some good meds if they had to yank it out.

    PS. I bet I know where that apple came from.

    • Oh it’s out… it’s out alright. I’m going to try to avoid taking any meds unless I absolutely need them… I don’t like the way they make me feel 😦 As for the apple, I finished the NY stash last week girlfriend, this is a new batch I got free at UKROPS! Soooooo not as good as the handpicked haha. Love you too loverly!

  5. I am a total tan addict too. I’ve pulled back a LOT but I loveeee being tan. I’ve never tried the ltions. I hope you feel better chica! Getting the wisdom teeth out is no fun. Pumpkin grilled cheese? Sounds amazing

    • I am totally addicted too, but am so scared with all the skin cancer info out there now that I thought I’d give the lotion a try for winter (not giving up my summer pool time, no way haha!)…. I hope the tooth gets better so I can eat the pumpkin goodness, I haven’t eaten since lunch and am fading fast!!! I’ll be sure to report back in the a.m. if I ever get to taste these creations 🙂

  6. I am with you guys on being a tan queen. I love the summer months because I get naturally tan from being outside so much but the winter kills me because I long to use those damned indoor tanning salons. I use neutrogena regenerist with hint of sun on my face and jergens natural glow express sunless tanner on my body. I actually use it every day and find that the color is super natural and I love the smell.

    • why is it that being tan is so darn addicting?! it soooo is though, i just feel so much prettier and better when i have some tint to my fair Polish skin 🙂 ahhhh summer months will be back around soon enough… soon enough! until then, sunless lotions it is!

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