Busy day workin’ at the homestead!

Hey bloggies!  Can I just say that all of your sweet words last night and this morning have made this cookinfanatic’s frown turn upside down 🙂  For real, you peeps are the best!!!  So thanks for being there for this gal!

I have a busy bee at the homestead today… thankfully I can work from home that has been great, lots to do and missing a day from work was NOT in the plan! (what was I thinking? haha)  So that’s been this morning up until lunch break for some more pumpkiny goodness!

This soup makes me SO HAPPY!! I have to go get more this weekend, I am serious, don’t know how long my lovah World Market will have it for the fall season and I must have it again!

Served with a slice of farmer’s market pumpkin bread… which I had in the fridge bc I am weird and like certain types of bread (not like your everyday wheat, mostly sweet breads) when they are cold – does anyone else like their bread from the fridge/freezer and want to admit their crazy just like me?! 😉


I ate double this amount and killed the leftovers.  Take that pumpkin soup, you didn’t stand a chance! 

Since I made it with less than 1/2 of the called for “cream” and subbed in half & half, it only added 160 cals to the total 800 for the whole package.  Split that into probably about 5-6 servings and you are looking at some decent stats for a hearty, creamy meal-worthy soup I think 🙂

Ok I must stop talking about the soup already haha.

I also had some roasted broccoli that I didn’t get to taste last night…. yum!!!  Check out the supercute plate my mom picked up for me, isn’t it adorable? 🙂


Twas a delicious lunch… and I am so glad that it won’t be my last meal til 11pm like last night! (cross my fingers…)

I also threw some of the giant Tom Leonards chicken breasts into this guy


Had this stuff a while back and from I remember it was pretty freakin’ fantastic, we’ll see how it goes tonight!

Oh, and check out the ingredient list… pretty good right? 


Plus it’s gluten-free — which I would have never even noticed before but now that I have certain bloggin’ friends who may be looking for gluten-free products it caught my eye! 🙂  

Tonight’s menu also includes the golden beets I got at the farmer’s market, still debating on how to cook these up so it’ll be a surprise (to all of us haha!)

Exercise will most likely be happening a bit later, not sure exactly what but probably something on my fave ExerciseTV (maybe based on a suggestion I got from my homegirl Jenny?!)…

And get this peeps, check back tonight because there may or may not be a GIVEAWAY related to all this ExerciseTV talk!!!! 🙂

K peeps, gotta get back to work, which is pretty much nicer from the couch no lie 😉 however lots to do!  See you superfab peeps tonight for a din recap!!!


8 responses to “Busy day workin’ at the homestead!

  1. Hoooray for gluten free BBQ sauce! I’m thinking of making some BBQ chicken in the crockpot, I need to get me some bone suckin’ sauce 🙂 Thanks for letting me know 😀

    • I totally thought of you when I read that label!! They have the sauce at Tom Leonards if you ever head over there, although I am sure they carry it elsewhere too 🙂 Have a great one!

  2. savoringsarah

    So glad your mouf’ is doin better! 😉

    That soup sounds awesomeee!! And I love how EASY it was to make. Roasted broccoli is by FAR my fav way to eat broc. MMMmm I’m getting hungry just thinkin bout it.

  3. Glad to hear your recovering smoothly. I love that BBQ sauce and I can’t wait to see your golden beets for dinner (my favorite!).

  4. that bowl of soup is just what the doctor ordered!

    exercise tv giveaway!? BAH! I’m getting all giddy inside 🙂

    • THAT soup…. nothing else to say but addictively deelish…. back to World Market I go (shocker there haha)

      I ❤ ExerciseTV… and I tried the Cindy Whitmarsh cardio routine today and it was awesome! I loved the kickboxing incorporated in there, that's one of my fave ways to exercise, thanks for the tip on that one 🙂

  5. I love eating things right from the freezer, I am weird like that too : )

  6. I’m so glad you can eat normally again already! I’m super pumped to hear about these golden beets and how they compare to regular beets!

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