Nothing like a trip to the dentist at 10:30PM!

Well bloggies, good news is I survived the night! 😉

Bad news is that I had to make a trip to meet the dentist at his office at 10:30PM last night!!! 😦


The bleeding went on for almost 6 hours at which point we decided that it was in my best interest to meet up with the dentist man and put some sort of medicine on there to make it stop….. can I get a big shout out to The Man for taking such good care of me & my cranky self last night, he’s a keeper!

And thank you for all your kind words too, ya’ll are awesome friends 🙂 but you already know that right?!!? 😉

After the dentist got things under control we got back home a bit past 11pm and it was time for me to eat something bc I was sooooooooo hungry (1:30pm-11:00pm = grouchy mc’groucherton!!)

I heated up a small amount of the spicy pumpkin soup to luke warm (no hot foods grrrr) and I must say that it was AWESOME!!!  It had a hint of spice and a lot of body so it was super filling and just what the dentist doctor ordered – note that this will be purchased again 🙂

Here’s a stand-in photo of The Man’s serving, mine was def not this steamy hot!


I also ate a half of the pumpkin bread & blue cheese sammie — -holy yum!  This combo is really really good, I will be trying that one again fo’ sure 🙂

Another fake-out stand in…..!


Then I moved onto the pumpkin ice cream, and killed the container of it (prob 2 servings left!).  Yep.  And no guilt here, I deserved it 😛

So this morning I am working from home since my mouth is still a bit sore and bc of the late night last night….  I hope to get into the office after lunch.   

Gotta run and go read directions on how to handle this mouth of mine…. I hope ya’ll have a great humpday and see you for a lunch recap (pumpkin soup in this lady’s future?)!!


9 responses to “Nothing like a trip to the dentist at 10:30PM!

  1. I’m glad everything worked out with your tooth!

  2. aw, I hope everything is better today and that you’re feeling good.

  3. Holy crap…. what a night! I am glad that things are going looking better for you today!

  4. OH NO! Your poor tooth! That sounds so painful…I am not a happy camper after 3 hours without food I cannot even imagine how you fel 😦

    That pumpkin bread sammy looks so delish!

  5. Holy crap! I didn’t realize dentists even saw people at night? You must be a special patient. 😉

    I hope you feel better, girl! And DEFinitely don’t feel guilt over the IC…you deserve it after all that turmoil! Ugh, scared to go to the dentist again.

    • He is awesome, he called me at 8pm to check in and stayed available just in case (good thing!) My boyfriend wants to switch dentists to him, he liked him so much just in our brief late-night dentistry excursion…. 🙂

  6. Oh no!!! I’m glad your mouth is ok and feel better!

  7. Glad you’re feeling better. You deserved that ice cream!

  8. aw poor thing! glad to hear you’re feeling better!!!!

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