Here she goes dressin’ up the dog again!

Hey everyone!  🙂  I hope that all of you has had as wonderful of a day as I have!  The Man didn’t have to work today for once and I had the best company ever to help out with the shopping  today + a hot lunch date whoop whoop!

Lucy Dog had a superfab day too…. check out her outside squirrel chasing action!  And yes, she has a pink jacket, and yes, my boyfriend thinks I am certifiable I am quite sure haha 😉

Scopin’ things out


Oooo I have spotted something!


K maybe if I play it cool that squirrel will come back….


Oh I’m gonna get it this time, I just know it…


Hahaha I love that dog. 🙂

So back to today and my hot lunch date!  The Man and I decided to go to a place down the street called Jimmy’s – which is just a small “hole in the wall” that is always overrun with regulars (my parents being some of them!) and serves some really good food.


The Man opted for breakfast for lunch & got the healthiest thing on the menu (yea right 😉 )

Biscuits n’ gravy


Eggs over easy + hash browns


I knew what I wanted before I even got there – they have the best grilled chicken salads that come in a bowl the size of my head!  Served w/ some balsamic vinagrette this was the perfect lunch 🙂


Then we made a quick stop-off at World Market so I could get some more crack spicy pumpkin soup mix.  I this stuff!


The Man decided that he hadn’t completed all his necessary food groups today (grease, carbs, sugar?? 😉 ) and requested we purchase this guy


Yep, that’s how he rolls!

After World Market it was time for Tom Leonard’s (slightly OBSESSED with this place if you can’t tell haha) – where the plan was to see what was fresh and base the meals this week around that… I am loving this method these days!  We picked up

  • beets (I still can’t believe I turned him into a beet lov-ah!)
  • peppers
  • onions
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • pears
  • fresh salsa
  • 4.5lbs chicken breast for $7 (again!)

They have some of the best produce/meats/foods and best prices that Tom Leonards!  Love it.

I also stopped off at Kroger for some basics to round out the menu for the week — I’m pretty excited about it and can’t wait to show you peeps what we have planned! 🙂  Let’s just say that there may be some white chicken chili in the near future!

Tonight’s plans are to relax and enjoy some brews/football – check out the assortment we have (excited!)


And whip up a quick go-to dinner that I haven’t had in for-evah!!

And just enjoy hanging out in the warmth of our house!

I have one of these plugged in and the whole place smells like Christmas 🙂


I probably won’t be seein’ you bloggies til’ tomorrow (it’s gonna be a “no computer” kinda night!) BUT I am really excited about tomorrow because …..

I am meeting up with another food blogger that many of you probably know and read!!!  We are meetin’ up for some healthy lunch and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂

You’ll just have to check back to see who it is!!!

Hope all you friends have a lovely rest of the day 🙂


11 responses to “Here she goes dressin’ up the dog again!

  1. That is my favorite breakfast at Jimmy’s! It is sooo good but sooo bad for you. I don’t get it very often, but I would like to. Tell “the man” that he has great taste.

    • I think he was pretty happy with the selection 😉 It was pretty crowded today too! That salad is just so good, I love how they have one with fries on it too, so clever

  2. Okie doke I’m definitely picking up some of that soup mix at World Market back at school!

    • It is so good girl! I hope you love it 🙂 I modified the ingredients a bit and also cooked it longer than they said to (and by cook, I mean put on simmer on the stovetop and do nothing for a while haha) and it was amazing!

  3. I want a pumpkin ale SO bad! I am headed to WFs tomorrow to get one!! Glad you had a fun day with the man.

    I am totally obsessed with acorn squash right now too. I’m having my other half for dinner tomorrow.

  4. Mmmm White Chicken Chili?! LOVE that stuff. I think my roommate thinks I’m odd because I eat soup all.the.time. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see who you are meeting up with! How fun!

    • It’s such good cold weather food, I am really craving it too lately?! Can’t wait to see how it turns out in the slow cooker (current new obsession haha) !!

  5. I think the coat is cute…and functional! It’s getting colder everyday! You are quite the brew connoisseur.

    • It is just too cute to see her running around outside in it (I think the man secretly loves it, he just won’t fess up 😉 ) — plus you are so right, it is functional bc she does get chilly! 🙂

  6. Ok seriously your dog is the cutest. I love the sweater!!! 🙂

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