New bloggie friend + wine/food festivities :)

Soooo……. today I got to have lunch with the superfab Brittany from EatingBirdFood!!!!  We met up at Whole Foods (foodie heaven, obvi) and I proceeded to make a ginormous salad with close to everything they had there 😉


Then spent some time with my new homegirl chatting it up – food, life, living in Richmond, ya know…  She lives in a part of town that I just moved out of after buying my house (super cute restaurants/bars all around there that I miss!) so it was fab to talk with her about that and what some of her faves are. 

Bloggin’ friends, she was supernice and it was so nice to chat with someone who loves food as much as moi!! I had a great time and I hope we get to do something again soon 🙂


Brittany, you rock, obvi  🙂

After lunch I called the madre and we made some plans to head down the street to the Innsbrook Beer, Wine & Food Festival!! 

Beers & wines from around the world (including local VA) + Richmond’s top chefs & restauranteurs = I THINK SO!

We got there and obviously prioritized by visiting the wine stands first. 

First up was a winery called Philip Carter Winery to taste some local VA Chardonnay


which was mostly made in stainless steel vs. oak barrels so more fruit-foward and not too oaky/creamy and I loved it!  I don’t like very creamy Chards, so this was a perfect fit.

Plus, the ladies that were working at this stand were so nice and fun to talk with!  Turns out one of their husbands just recently started working at a new restaurant in town called The Fat Goat that I really want to check out – it focuses on  farm-to-table fare and I totally support that!  Check out their menu, holy yum The Man and I are going to have to head here soon 🙂 

We also had a taste of this Lake Anna Winery’s special red blend called Spotsylvania Claret – which included Merlot, Touriga, Cabernet Fran, Chambourcin, Petite Verdot, Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon. 


This was so good as well!!!  The guy told me that it is actually made from the bottom of the barrel sediment from all these wines (yea, sounds gross right?) but trust me friends – this stuff was legit 🙂

And check out these super cute wine glasses for sale, omg love


Then it was onto the food!  I bundled up since it was chilly out today 😛


First we sampled some absolutely amazing gumbo from a restaurant called Rowland Fine Dining. 


This restaurant is down the street from my old place in the city (le sigh, I miss all that food) and has gotten rave reviews… and today was no exception!


Enjoyed with some French Chard (from France, really? Right Mom, aren’t you proud haha)


And check out their sample menu for Richmond’s Restaurant Week — which btw I really think I need to go to this year!


Can we all say ‘YUM’ together now?! 😉

We also couldn’t leave without trying Buzz & Ned’s famous bbq, which was featured on Bobby Flay’s Throwdown on Food Network (where was I for this?!)


We got a 2oz. pulled pork sample (so smokey and good, and you peeps know I don’t eat this kinda stuff often!)


and I got some ribs to go for The Man – yea, I’m a suck up 😉


Yea, this stuff was pretty much amazing.  Nuff said!

Alright, I gots to run and go to Dick’s sporting goods with The Man (who is currently performing door/paint surgery to our master bath door IN OUR BEDROOM….. leave him alone and see what happens hahaha jk honey!)  It looks great so far, and thankfully he moved the new rug outta the way and put down blankets before painting 😉

Gotta also get this white chicken chili started soon since it’s nearing 4pm – prob see ya’ll back for a quickie post tonight and I gots to catch up on some google reader like woah!

See ya soon peeps 🙂


16 responses to “New bloggie friend + wine/food festivities :)

  1. Wow tha Food and Wind feat looks awesome! I love the BBQ eats especially! And yey for blogger meet ups, so exciting 🙂

  2. Great food and wine. I love wine and was just talking about picking some up for dinner tonight.

  3. aw fun bloggie meet upski! you best holla at me if you’re ever in my neck of the woods! I don’t have a whole foods, or a trader joes, but I have a stop and shop with a 3 ft by 3 ft natural food section.. tempting, no? 😉

    • oh don’t you know it – and i’d obvi bring u some deelish tjs treats! are u in jersey (sorry, having a brain freeze here)?! I went to my first stop n’ shop just a few weeks back when I was in jersey visiting my girl….

  4. yay for meeting Brittany! next up is you and I!! Plus, Jessy from Happy Vegan Face is super cool, too!!

  5. Jealous–I want to meet blog friends in person! 🙂 Once I move to NY, we have to meet up if you’re in the area!

  6. So much great food! Hooray! Don’t you just love WFs hot and cold bars? I always want to make like a 20 lb salad 😉 The festival looks like a lot of fun too.

    Thanks for your cute comment tonight 🙂

  7. I have looked at all of the things you made lately, and those pancakes still call my name……

    • I had like 5 of them leftover in the fridge…. I shoulda given you some today!!! Swing by tomorrow and take a few if you want, they may still be there and I’m sure a quick reheat in the oven would bounce ’em right back to life 🙂

  8. I met Brittany too!

    I’m moving to NYC in a few weeks and can’t wait to meet lots of NY bloggies.

    • Oh how exciting to move to NYC! I spent alot of time there for work a few years ago and was soooo close to moving there as well, however job opps kept me here in VA 🙂 Ahhh the good food there is outta control, you lucky girl!

  9. I had a feeling that you two were going to meet up. I follow both of you! That is so awesome. Whenever I am up in you neck of the woods I will let you know. I used to live in Richmond, so would be nice to visit it again sometime. I love food and wine/beer festivals so much fun! I mainly go for the wine LOL!

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