Princess and the Frog!

We’re through with it bloggies!  It’s Monday night, which means superfab TV is on (hmm mmm XOXO?) and the first workday to the week is ov-ah 🙂  Cheers to that (no literally, wine in hand now haha)

Thanks for all your wonderful feedback on the slow cooker vs. crockpot post – I am so glad that it was helpful to you friends!

After work I met up with my homegirl Cindy Whitmarsh and used our new exercise space (complete with 1/2″ jigsaw mats throughout, which I love!) to do the Less is More workout… this routine is no joke.  I was sweatin’ it up and it felt great! 🙂

Before I got on the workout though, I started on the beets since I knew they needed some time a’roastin!  Same method as last time around, easy peasy.

Who knew that this guy…..


Could turn into this…..


And then even transform into this….


I think we have a case of “Princess and the Frog” here peeps 😉  One sweet kiss from the oven and a lil’ sprucing up and voila, sheer beauty!   Not to mention freaking delicious.

  • 3 beets, roasted 1 hour or until tender
  • 1 tblsp EVOO
  • 2 tblsp balsamic
  • black pepper
  • 2 tblsp chopped onion
  • crumbled feta

Roast beets, peel and chop.  Make dressing with next 4 ingredients and drizzle over beets.  Sprinkle with feta. SO GOOD!

I also roasted some acorn squash for about 40 minutes at 375F, adding cinnamon, brown sugar and maple syrup towards the end.  Seen this one before, yes you say?  That’s ’cause it’s so good and seriously just tastes like straight up fall heaven!


I also used some of the 800 pounds of chicken that I got for dirt cheap chicken from Tom Leonards (4.5lbs for $7 seriously?!) by marinating for a while in this guy


Cook on the stovetop — medium heat to sear each side, add the rest of marinade and turn down heat to medium-low and cover with lid to finish cooking (keeps in the juices and moisture since the stovetop can dry chicken o-u-t!!!)


Then I sliced up the chicken and added back to the juices – this is a lil’ trick from my momma on keeping the meat moist and making sure each bite has mega-flava!! 


‘Twas a good dinner night in this house 🙂


Alright friends, I gots to run — time for Gossip Girl in t-minus 10 minutes!!!  And yes, I am 15 years old 😉

Have a fantastic evening and can’t wait to see ya’ll tomorrow!


19 responses to “Princess and the Frog!

  1. I’m cooking with acorn squash tonight, too!

  2. Mmmm….I scored some more beets at my bro’s farm this weekend. I will be cooking them up with some squash tomorrow and possibly some kale chips. Yours looks delicious!

    • we are officially obsessed with beets 🙂 i am so curious about the kale chips, i keep seeing them and want to know how they taste! can’t wait to see tomorrow’s eats girl!

  3. Hooray for Monday being over! Sounds like an awesome workout and an even better dinner. Love the beets and acorn squash is like my newest most favorite food

    • i know, total slight obsession with acorn squash over here too haha! i liked your savory spin on it hte other night too w/ the beans and salsa, i need to give that a whirl 🙂

  4. mmmmmm acorn squashh that looks so good. i havent had one of those guys since last year!

    beets still freak me out, i’ve never tried them before. do you think id like them?

    getting more and more excited to come home! we should go shopping this weekend! im in desperate need for new winter clothes / im really tempted to buy these amazing boots from jcrew but i still need to think about it. ahhh cant wait! im calling you soon

    • They were soooo good! I think you would like beets actually, I mean Jordan freaking scarfs them down when I make them so that has to say something haha. They have to be roasted though, not those canned types. Maybe we can make some this weekend? I am down for some shopping too – J has to work Saturday so that would be perfect!!! Can’t wait to see youuuu 🙂

  5. Who can be too old for Gossip girl? you’ve got gossip, back-stabbing, romance, and bitchiness. Isn’t that life? lol.

    Funny how I say I LOVE winter squash, but have yet to try acorn squash!

  6. I have to admit – that beet combo does look delicious! Every time I’ve tried beets I’ve not liked them – but someone just told me the other day it’s probably because it wasn’t prepared right! I think I need to test out your method! 🙂

    • Thanks! It’s sooo good, and my boyfriend (whom I thought would despise the idea of beets) eats double portions of this dish everytime — I was in shock the first time we had them and he asked for seconds!! 🙂

  7. Yum, I have never tried cooking my own beets but now I want to give it a try!

  8. YUMMM this looks amazing I love beets esp in salads, and this recipe looks great!!
    the combo of the cool beets and salty feta sounds like a marriage made in heaven!!

  9. your roasted squash looks SO good!!! Great dinner 🙂

  10. Mmmm, I love beets! And I need to get some squash to celebrate Fall!

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