Buffet at my cubicle?

Hello blog world!!!  It’s Tuesday, hooray! 🙂

So listen to this cuuurrrr-azzzzy Richmond weather forecast today… going from a low of 38F this morning to 73F by this afternoon?!  Ummm that is like 2 seasons packed into one day, crazy no?!  However no complaints here, I love me some 70s 🙂

In other news, last night I stumbled across this great Cookinglight.com read about 10 Foods that Sound Healthy but Are NOT… a majority of these I knew already (i.e. certain types of smoothies, energy bars, prepared salads, etc.) however this one caught me by surprise!

  • Multigrain & Wheat Breads – many breads labeled “multi-grain” and “wheat” are typically made with refined grains, so you’re not getting the full nutritional benefit of the whole grain. How can you be sure? Read nutrition labels carefully. If the first flour in the ingredient list is refined (it will typically say “bleached” or “unbleached enriched wheat flour”) you are not getting a 100% whole-grain bread.

Learn something new everyday!

Onto lunch, which included leftovers from last night’s superfab din – not as pretty day 2 but definitely just as tasty 🙂

PA200439  PA200440 PA200438

Plus an unseen dark chocolate mini and a peach yogurt from the caf – hey, I was hungry today haha!

Buffet at my cubicle? 😉

This morning has flown by so that has been awesome, stayin’ busy busy!  Hopefully this afternoon will be more of the same.

I debated on packing my gym clothes to hit up Cardio3 class after work today, however decided that I was more in the mood for a Yoga.Fitness.Plus sesh with my homegirl Elise from the comforts of home instead 🙂 I need some good stretching after yesterday’s workout plus the crazy toning benefits from this yoga workout is unbeatable! 

I am definitely heading to the gym for Kickboxing class thursday though (finally it’s back!!!) and I couldn’t be more excited gahhh!  If you don’t know already, I adore kickboxing class so much so that I switched to a flex schedule at work where I’d have every other Friday off so I could make it to the 8:30am friday class at my gym that kicks a$$ — seriously peeps, I did this haha.  It’s such a freaking awesome workout, and always varies so you can’t get bored or in a rut!

“Steph’s love for kickboxing” commentary now over.  Hahaha

Alright, back to work time it is!  Can’t wait to see everyone tonight for some dinner… what’s it gonna be?!!? 

The allstar of the game (and no, it’s not an Angels player winning the game in extra innings vs. the Yankees mwuhaha just sayin’ 😉 ):  Al fresco All Natural Italian Chicken Sausages (had the Sweet Apple flavor the other night, they were freaking awesome, so excited to try this kind!)

See ya tonight for how it all turns out 🙂

Have a wonderful day bloggies!!


15 responses to “Buffet at my cubicle?

  1. savoringsarah

    Isn’t that crazy about bread! Part of my job is taking clients on tours of a local grocery store and educating them on nutrition, reading labels & ingredient lists, etc etc and we always end up spending so much time in the bread/cereal aisle talking about how sneaky some companies are! Some breads even say 100% whole wheat, and list whole wheat as 1st ingredient, followed immediately by ENRICHED BLEACHED FLOUR. Crazy!

    I have had the Al Fresco Italian Chicken Sausage before…SUPERB! Need to try that chicken apple flavor!

    • I was so interested to read that, I consider myself pretty health-savvy but definitely did not know that bread could be so misleading!! So I know that the rest of the public probably has no clue (prob the ones who are eating a Caesar salad thinking how “healthy” they are being 😦 ) That is an awesome sounding job too girl, if I have any nutrition questions now I know where to go 🙂

      The chicken sausages are soooo good. I usually get TJ’s brand but these are wayyyy better, hate to say it, but it’s true!

  2. Hey Steph,
    Question: what temp do you roast the beets at for 1 hour? I just bought a bunch this weekend and want to make them in the oven. I’ve only made them in the past by boiling them, but I want to try roasting!

    Hope you have a great day!

    • Hey girl! I roasted them at 400F 🙂 An hour usually does the trick, but give them a poke to see if they’re soft and if not let them roast a bit longer – can’t wait to see how you they turn out!

      Steph 🙂

  3. I hate that so many foods out there seem so healthy, but really are no better than the original! Like so many people that get sucked into buying “100 calorie packs”.

    I just wanted to say also that I would NEVER have known you ever had any issues with food or body image. Seriously the other day I was reading your blog thinking “man she has such a healthy perspective on things” the way you can have a few pieces of chocolate at work or whatever. Me I still have a lot of work to do in that area. I tend to beat myself up over food choices too much.

    • Hey girl! Thanks for the comment 🙂 It took many years to get to where I am at today, going through high school and college I definitely did not have the mentality I have now. But somehow I have found a balance/peace with it all (most of the time), a way not to deprive myself of things all of us deserve (i.e. desserts!) and still keep it under control. And I feel ya on “beating myself up” over certain food choices, bc I definitely can’t say that I don’t do that either — but I have learned to control it much more than I used to be able to thankfully.

      Ahhh 100 cal packs, don’t get me started hahahaha!

  4. I love the fact that you switched your job around so that you could go to kickboxing class! At least you have your priorities straight 🙂

  5. Looks like I need to try some kickboxing. I have always wanted to. Though for some reason I am nervous… ok scared. Not sure why? I have done spinning, yoga, running, weights. Maybe one day I will give it a go. Lunch looks delicious.

    • Oh you would love it! All you have to know is the basic moves, which you will pick up in like 0.1 seconds of being there, trust me 😉 You should so try it, it’s amazing the way you feel after – total body workout!!! It’s funny you say that you are nervous about kbox, bc I feel the same way about spinning :/ have never tried that one… maybe we could make a deal that we each try something new in the next few weeks or something to motivate us?! 🙂

  6. Kickboxing is fun and is a major workout- I used to love it in highschool, however my gym now doesn’t offer it.

    I read in the comment above that you haven’t tried spin- you gotta go. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with it because it’s hard, but you burn a ton of calories. Also, you ultimately choose how hard you work because you can change the resistance on the bike at any time. Give it spin… haha I crack myself up.

    • Haha love the play on words! I know, I totally need to try it… I go to the Y and they have a great assortment of classes including spin so we’ll see if I can muster up the guts to go! I love their kickboxing class called KickIt+Core, it not only focuses on kickboxing moves but also on ab work — slam dunk 2 for 1! 🙂 Hope you are having a good week chica!

  7. Ooooh I need to find those chicken sausages!! The hubbie and I love making pizzas and pastas with turkey sausage but they can be so salty sometimes…what was the sodium content like?

    • They are awesome tasting and definitely didn’t taste too salty to me (it does seem like sometimes that can happen sometimes though, I agree!) – the nutrition stats put 1 link at 480mg/20% of daily value, so 1/5th of your day in exchange for this deelish sausage treasure, is it worth it…. 😉

  8. I am such a dingbat!! I put my comment on the wrong post! Just insert that first comment on your post above lol.

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