It was a ruffin’ good day!

Whewwwwww the workday is ov-ah! 🙂

In the words of Lucy Dog…. “it was a ruffin’ good day!….


… but I’m dog-tired, so get me home lady!”


I think someone had a good day at Doggie Daycare 😉

Onto dinnah!!  I knew I wanted to do something with an Italian twist tonight, and here’s what I gathered up


I decided to do a veggie pasta saute with some chicken — “use up whatcha got” pasta night!  I think ya’ll know how fond I am of nights like this, sparks up my kitchen creativity and that is funnnnn  🙂

I sauteed 2 cloves chopped garlic in 1 tblsp EVOO for a minute (medium heat), then added the chopped onion  for a few (salt & pepper too peeps!). 

Next I added the chopped peppers and broccoli, cooking til soft and they start to caramelize 🙂


At this point it was time to add these guys


Has anyone tried these fire roasted tomatoes before?  They are SO GOOD!  Check out the charred goodness inside omggggg


Chocked full o’ flava and only 75 cals in the whole container – yes please 🙂

So I dumped these bad boys in plus some red wine (shhhhh 😉 ) & oregano


 and let it simmer for a bit (15 minutes?)

I chopped up what was prob the equivalent of 2 chicken breasts (Tom Leonards breasts are outta control big?) and added that to the sauce, letting it cook in all the flavors.  Turn the heat down to medium-low at this point til its done.


Then I boiled up some linguine – which was not whole wheat *gasp*!  Listen folks, we so rarely eat pasta, and The Man really enjoys the old school noodles – so you know what?  That’s what we had!!!  Everything in moderation 🙂

Sprinkled with some grated Parm to serve


Can I get a heck yea?!?!  😛

I also made a salad to go alongside – romaine, tomato, cucumber, onion, oregano, black pepper, deli cheese


Oregano is the secret to salad friends, I am fo realz!

Dinner was legit.  We rarely eat pasta bc I just really don’t crave it often (The Man is Italian, does that make me a bad girlfriend :/) but tonight hit the spot!

Oh and in other news, check out this slice of heaven I found in our local grocery ad


Yep, you saw that right!  Ohhhhh I can’t wait for some more of these bad boys 🙂

Alright peeps, we’re almost there (as in end of the week!) – I hope you have wonderful nights and see you tomorrow!!


16 responses to “It was a ruffin’ good day!

  1. Drool, major drool. Your dinner looks so much better than the airport food I just ate.

    Have a good evening dear!

  2. Woah super cheap on the Honey Crisp! Seriously my favorite apples ever. Your dog is really cute too 🙂

  3. can’t wait to give little lu a big old hug in less than 48 hrs 🙂 oh ya and maybe you too!

    that pasta looks yummy!!!

  4. i LOVE those fire roasted tomatoes, too! They’re so good.

  5. We had Al Fresco Sweet Italian chicken sausages last night. They were so good! Thanks for the heads up on the sale last week at Kroger…they were cheap and nutritious. How do I know? I checked your blog and found enough info about Al Fresco chicken sausages to make me go out and buy not one, but two packages. Can’t wait to try the roasted garlic ones!

  6. I loved fire roasted tomatoes!! That pasta is so similar to what my hubbie has been eating for dinner lately (now that I have healthified him :)) Whole wheat pasta with broccoli, chicken or turkey, mozzarella, and either basil & oregeno tomatoes or fire roasted tomatoes. He can’t believe it’s healthy!

    p.s. Lucy girl looks like she had a blast at Doggie Day care! Now that Daisy has bounced back from her spay she is SO full of energy. We need to find a better way to tire her out!

    • doggie daycare makes lucy soooo tired… we found her just lying around in various spots of the house last night that she never even goes to hahaha like she was walking along and just plopped right down bc she couldnt go on… praise you doggie daycare, best $16 EV-AH!!! 😉

  7. That dinner looks awesome! You are such an inspiration in the kitchen!

    Tradre Joe’s has 1/2 pecks of apples (5lbs) for $5.29 making them about $1.06 per lb. Thought I would let you know…

  8. Oh, I forgot to say, honey crisp apples

  9. I am so amazed at what other people can just come up with out of the blue!! WOW, that looks soooo good. And I’m the exact same way – I have pasta MAYBE once a month, so I go for the real stuff! Go big or go home!

  10. You plate your dinner like a professional 🙂 I am part Italian and do not like pasta…. so no worries!

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