Lucy under a tree & other humpday happenings

Hello bloggie friends!  We have made it to the middle of le work week – can I get a whoop whoop for that?! 🙂

Well, I’m excited, that’s for sure…. so excited in fact that I even took this lady dog

Lucy Under Tree

to DOGGIE DAYCARE today!!!  We commuted into work in rush hour traffic together (the daycare is by my work) which I am sure looks quite curious to the drivers around me sitting there in traffic haha 😛 

Btw, this pic is under her fave tree at my parents & was taken back when I first got her fall 2007, she’s so little and young!

Tonight she should be ‘dog-tired’ (get it? ha) after a fun day playing outside — weather is gorgeous here! — so that makes me 🙂

Today I had plans to meet up with a long time friend for lunch.  We used to live down the street from each other when we were in elementary school and were friends all growing up and have stayed in decent touch since then… and guess what, she just had a baby boy a few weeks ago (what’s in the water?!)

So I met her and her beautiful baby boy at Noodles & Company, which to my knowledge, is new to Richmond.

 Check out their insanely awesome menu, with tons of healthful choices under 400 cals too!

I decided to be a noodle rebel and go with the Mediterranean Salad (alright you caught me, it has noodles in it too 😉 )

  • romaine
  • spring greens
  • tomatoes
  • red onions
  • black olives
  • cucumbers
  • feta
  • cavatappi noodles
  • shrimp (these were sauteed & awesome!)
  • Greek style spicy yogurt dressing w/ lemon juice & garlic


This was soooooo good!!!! I need to go back, ASAP.  The dressing was deelish and the shrimp perfect, not to mention all the awesome veggies and feta whoop whoop 🙂

My friend let me snap a quick pic of her lunch too – it was the mac n’ cheese just like Jenna recommended with some chicken (+ an unpictured side salad) – looked great!


Twas also a nice break to get outta the cubicle and meet up with my lovely friend and her new lil’ guy!! He is adorable and so well behaved! 🙂

K, gotta run, but I’ll leave you with this quick tip that I found yesterday due to the fact that I have celery leftover from buffalo chicken pot pie night that I don’t know when I’ll use next (not a big celery eater?). 

Want celery to stay fresher longer?  Leave the celery in the plastic bag but then wrap in aluminum foil.  It should last  a month and be nearly as good at the end as the beginning.  Genius!


Oh yea, and one last thing!  I couldn’t have been more excited when I read last night that the one & only Kath may be attending JMU after her and her hubby move for their Great Harvest adventure…. why am I so excited you ask??  Because that’s where I graduated from!!!! I just think this is superfab, and Kath, if you need any JMU tips or have any questions then I am your gal 😉

Okay, I’m done now, seriously haha. 

Have a great humpday peeps and see you tonight for an Italian chicken delight of some sorts (recipe still in the works….. 😛 !! )


6 responses to “Lucy under a tree & other humpday happenings

  1. Aww thats so cute! I’m sure Lucy will have fun hangin out with her doggie buddies!

  2. Lunch looks great…where is this place?

    • Right by Panera at Willow Lawn… but in the strip mall part attached to the actual mall by Starbucks. It’s awesome, we need to go soon! Also, Courtney’s lil’ boy is adorable and he was so well behaved. She said that he sleeps through the night too so I think things are going well! She looked really good, I can’t believe she’s a mom – I mean, we used to play Barbie’s & Library together haha! 🙂

  3. Glad to hear that you had a great lunch with an old friend… I love doing that has well. Isn’t so sad though that we can sometimes lose track or stay in touch with more often some of our closet friends due to our busy lives. I know I struggle with keeping up. 😦 I never knew that about celery… thanks!

  4. dog-tired.. bah! Love the pun 😉

    I love lunches with old friends. It’s amazing how with some friendships things can never change and no matter how much time you spend away from them, whenever your back together things are just natural 🙂 I only have on true friend like that.. and she is amazing!

  5. CUTE pictures of the puppers!!! Glad you had a good time at lunch- the salad looks fantastic. Love that more healthy restaurants are opening up (big hooray to that one!)

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