Is it Friday yet?!


This morning started off like this…..


No bright sunlight/rain/snow today Richmond, just clouds – what’s the dealy?!

Then finally got to work and the morning felt like this (seriousy peeps, haven’t sat at my desk since 3 hours ago)


And 3 more meetings on the agenda this afternoon.

But first, a quick lunch break



Thank goodness for a home cooked meal! 🙂

Gonna for realz need this after work today….


ahhh Kickboxing Class…. I ❤ U times 1000

(side note:  when I was little I used to tell my parents that I loved them “to the sky” — meaning infinitely in lil’ kid terms 🙂 math nerd from the start?)

And in other shocking news ;), dinner tonight is unplanned, so it’s gonna be a surprise to us all!  Gotta live on the edge sometimes, right…?

Sorry for the brief post, gotta get back to it, but don’t worry – I’ll see you fabulous friends tonight for more!

I repeat, is it Friday yet?!?!?!  😛


8 responses to “Is it Friday yet?!

  1. SO ready for Friday…I’m with ya on that!

  2. Hi Stephanie! Don’t forget next week is Richmond Restaurant Week – the restaurants are already taking reservations! 🙂 I’m trying out Water Grill this time around. I would do Delux, because it’s AWESOME, but I’ve already been several times – livin on the edge?! LOL

    • I was just looking at the restaurant week options the other day! I def need to check this out 🙂 I’ve been to Delux many times and LOVE their food too (used to live 4 blocks from there!)

  3. ohh have fun at kickboxing! and dinner! 🙂

  4. I think your dinner sounds great! I had one of those dinners tonight too, random stuff but HAD to fit some veggies in somehow!

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