Kickin’ It + Pumpkin Butter Sammich

Let’s talk about how awesome tonight’s Kickboxing class was, shall we? 

The class is actually called KickIt+Core so as you can guess, it incorporates ab moves – love 🙂  We did building blocks, so starting with a set of moves and expanding them until those muscles were fully worked.  We also did tons of focus on our abs via kicks, twists, etc.  Does anyone else prefer standing ab moves vs. traditional crunches? I DO!  I find that I get better results from these but maybe that’s just me?

So anywho, I didn’t get home til later tonight and cooking dinner after one of the most exhausting days ever was just not in the cards friends (hey, I’m human too 😉 ). 

I shot a text over to my sweetie (kiss me thru the phone?) to see if he thought sammies (we gots deli meat/cheese to use up) and a side dish would be cool — an immediate “yes” and “velveeta shells n’ cheese” was received.  Haha, the man knows what he wants, what can I say?


Since I knew that velveeta shell n’ cheese weren’t gonna cut if for this lady (hello, where are the greens?!) I picked up some frozen Cali style veggies.  It was just that kinda night peeps 🙂


Doesn’t my poor sammie look so lonely??  That’s what I thought too….so I enlisted the help of my bff (pumpkin butter obvi ;)) to help the situation out!


A quick visit with George, and voila!


Ummmm seriously why haven’t I done this before?

Twas deelish!  Plus fast & easy.  Le sighhhhh…  thank u easy dinner masterpiece 🙂

Since I am feelin’ like I’ve been hit by a freight train…. don’t know what’s up with that but hoping a good night’s rest will do the trick…. it’s time to retire to the couch!

Gotta date with this guy 😉


And making sure I get rested up bc this lady is actually gonna make it home from Tech this weekend for a visit (right sis?)


and we have some girl stuff  (aka shopping/”fooding”) planned together!  I miss herrrrrrrr 🙂

Plus some QT with my fave fam 😉  Okayyyy  it’s my only fam, duh!  And they are fo’ sure my faves & as you can see we all share a love for vino & cruisin 😛  (P.S. Mother if you are reading, let’s book that Christmas cruise!!)


But before I go, don’t forget to check out my homegirl Jenny’s superfab giveaway for some FiberOne muffins (they’re new peeps – flavors include wild blueberry, apple cinnamon bun, and banana chocolate chip gahhh!!!)

Alright friends, TGIAF for realz!! 🙂


18 responses to “Kickin’ It + Pumpkin Butter Sammich

  1. Don’t we all look so happy…and who could be unhappy on a cruise? Check my e-mail if you haven’t already.

  2. Yey that your sister is coming to visit! I love family gatherings. My family is super close as it seems yours is too and I really can’t go more than a couple weeks without seeing them all. Nice way to spice up your velveeta and add some color and nutrtion to the mix. Pumpkin butter is also the most heavenly of sandwich condiments.

    • I’m excited to see her, it’s been like a month I think! I love me some good fam QT for sure 🙂 Oh and btw, I think it was you who gave me the idea for pumpkin butter on a sammich…. didn’t you do that recently?! Well either way, it is genius!!!

  3. I miss kickboxing class! I used to take the class regularly when I was in college at Tech. I cancelled my gym membership recently because I wasn’t using it, so I may have to try some kickboxing dvd’s.

  4. You’re dad must have been a stress mess trying to raise two gorgeous girls.

  5. Girlfriend, you are the only one that can make shells and cheese and sammies that good.

    Hooray for your sister coming!! I bet you girls will have such a good time!

  6. Oh man I loooove veleta shells and cheese. In high school I would eat like half a box for an afternoon snack (darn that young metabolism).

    I need to get my hands on some pumpkin butter…fast!

    • I used to eat velveeta buy the package in college too!! (I think my boyfriend was somewhat surprised/disgusted? haha when I told him this last night… ooops!) Do you have a TJ’s around you? If not, maybe I can get a surprise package together to send to you 🙂 Just let me know girl!

  7. Awww – I LOVE sister time!!! You will have so much fun. I wish I had a brother, but I sure do love my sistahs!

    Would you believe I’ve NEVER tried kickboxing?? I’m just terrified I’ll be “that girl” who doesn’t know WTH she’s doing!

    • you gotta try it! it’s really easy to catch on, I promise…. 🙂 I was a bit nervous at first too, but I had done some at home kickboxign workouts (think old school billy blanks) so felt like i knew at least some of the moves – maybe that would be a good transition if you were interested in trying?!

      • NO! I am in Florida and the god’s of TJ’s decided to diss us majorly.

        If you can round up some goodies that would be amazing and just let me know what everything cost! +shipping costs of course 😉

      • No problem — I am actually headed over to TJ’s after work today I am thinking so I’ll scope out for some pumpkin butter…. anything else specifically that you would want to try?? I can just surprise you if not! 🙂

  8. Leaving in a few hours! So pumped! Not looking forward to the drive back thats for sure, but its so worth it. I can’t wait to catch up! I miss you way too much.

    PS- MOM BOOK THE CRUISE! these pics are making me want january to get here asap so i can be livin’ the life / drinking rum punches on the beautiful beaches of mexico 🙂

    okay okay, gotta cram. accounting quiz on friday, who does that? so not cool!

    • can’t wait to see you! call me on your drive home and please DRIVE SAFELY!! love you 🙂

      farmer’s market tomorrow morning? and maybe yoga – I’d like to try that class you like?

  9. Yum! Dinner looks easy and delicious. And props to you for incorporating the mac & cheese without going overboard and putting together a well-rounded meal.

  10. Greetings! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time
    now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx!
    Just wanted to say keep up the great job!

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