Marry me, TJ? ;)

After work I made a quick stop off at TJ’s for a few items I was on the look out for (thank u blog world!)….


…. ummm can we just take a second to talk amazing?  Bc that’s what these are, holy yum!!!  Guess that’s why there were only 3 boxes left and I  had to jump-swing them down off the shelf using another box hahaha – the things we do for love chocolate 😉

I also needed some of this stuff – bc basmati rice is just about the love of my life 🙂  Along with jasmine rice.  2 loves errrr?


The Man and I had plans to go to Kings Dominion tonight however lost all motivation and decided 1000’s of screaming children on a Friday night after a long week of work was just not what we had in mind :/  sorry kiddos!

So instead we went to Home Depot (is this a bad sitcom?) to look for some kitchen lights and then blockbuster for a his+hers movie, gotta be fair right?

Check out what he put up in the kitchen tonight – new lights!  I love 🙂

Clap on.


Clap off.


I LOVE HIM!!!!!  They are beautiful 🙂

After that extravaganza it was time to whip up a quick dinner… I was able to hold out til later thankfully thanks to the 30 3 😉 dark chocolate crisps consumed (plus a Zbar gahhhhh I was bad) 😦

I decided it was a night for Mexican fiesta bowls (again)!  We had some leftover enchilada chicken in the freezer from earlier in the week plus some other goods that needed using

Here’s a photomontage (did anyone else know this was 1 word? blonde moment? eh, I’m an accountant, that’s my excuse haha)  of the whole event






Yea – I’m slightly OBSESSED.  These are soooo good! This one was better than the first round, and it couldn’t have been easier from basically zero prep to minimal cook time to hardly any clean up…. fantastic 🙂

And on a last note, The Man just ordered P90X which came in today, so I plan on not telling him that I’m tracking his progress for the blog tracking his progress for the blog — and also participating in some of the workouts bc I hear they are intense!  A guy at work has done it for a month now and loves it.  There is even a yoga and kickboxing workout – can I get a whoop whoop?!

Alright peeps, movie time, see ya tomorrow for some fun sista time!!!



6 responses to “Marry me, TJ? ;)

  1. Okay I’m picking up those chocolate chipss at TJs next time.

  2. Hoooray for Trader Joe’s!!!

    Hope you have a nice weekend!

  3. Your house is really coming together! We have majorly slacked on decorating our condo…

    Hey the hubbie and I went to Publix and Wal-Mart on a Friday night once…I think we win with highest loser status!

  4. So I am sitting in the movie theater waiting for the previews to start, and checking your blog of course. I just saw the pic of the TJs chips and literally said out loud “oh my god”, Darin wanted to know what I was so into so I showed him and all he said is “your crazy”. I am glad to know that your excited about these things as much as I am! Have fun with your sis!

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