What a productive morning!  Woke up around 8am and made my usual oats but on the stovetop 🙂  Still <3’in the almond milk fyi!

Then I headed over to Tom Leonards (shocker) and guess what I found, honeycrisps for 99 cents/lb!!!  Holy moley, that’s better than the other deal…. check out these beauties 🙂


Then I finished up all the grocery shopping and headed back home – I’ll give u friends some menu details later 😉 First, check out the neighboorhood with the leaves changing, gorgeous!

fall  fall2

Then The Man and I spent some time cleaning this morning bc my fam is coming over for dinner tonight… we may or may not be having this guy 😉


…. but I’ll never tell 😉 

Okay I will, on tonight’s post haha.  Ah well.

I also found my main homegirl…


…back on ExerciseTV & was ecstatic!!!!  We did our 30 minute YogaSculpt and it was amazing, per usual 🙂 Thanks for coming back Maura, I missed ya!

After that I was starveddddddd (yea yea yea) so I heated up some leftover Mexican fiesta bowl from last night’s dinner


Soooo good – my new obsession – I think SO.

Alright friends, time to go get some more things done around the house and then maybe some shopping with the lil’ sis before dinner extravaganza tonight 🙂



3 responses to “Hhhhhoneycrisps!!!

  1. Gotta love a good bargain! I love honey crisp apples.

  2. Looks like you enjoyed some good yoga… today was my day off. Though hopefully yoga tomorrow sometime. Hope your dinner goes well.I am sure it will 🙂

  3. I hate when some of my fav. exercise videos go off the site 😦 sometimes if you know the same and google them though you can find ’em!

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