Apple Kuchen say what?

Today was a much needed Sunday of relaxation…. and check out this fantastic weather outside, partly sunny & 62F, YES PLEASE 🙂



I decided to give one of my new outfits from shoppin’ with my sista yesterday a whirl (sis, love u tons and can’t wait til you are home for longer!) – let’s just say I have a new obsession with skinny jeans! 😉 


Excuse the paint roller tray in the background…. a project must have been started and never fully cleaned up if you know what I’m sayin (hint hint this is The Man’s bathroom ;), love u honey!)  And hey, now that I think about it, why does he get the full length mirror wtf?!

So anyways, we headed over to Panera to grab some quick lunch, Mediterranean Veggie sammie + Cream of Chicken w/ Wild Rice soup (splurge – love!)


Didn’t eat the bread (*gasp*) — got too full on the other good stuff!

Then The Man and I then got all geared up to head over to his parent’s house for some football and dinner (this is us there 🙂 )


Yes, confirmed, we are uber-nerds.  And no, I don’t give a you-know-what about football or teams or what not, however the Packers are The Man’s team so guess what jersey he got for me  😛  I love it!

The Man’s mom made some delicious pasta (homemade sauce) and Texas toast for dinner, twas deelish!



And then we ended dinner on a sweet note with this guy


What is it you ask?  It’s actually something I have never heard of before – Apple Kuchen! (what’d you call me haha?)

Here’s how it layered up:

  • Sweet, flaky crust on the bottom
  • Cream cheese / sugar / vanilla in the middle
  • Cinnamon apples on top

Baked up until it turned into complete and total dessert HEAVEN. 


Yes friends, I have found one of my new fave fall desserts 🙂  Can’t wait to get the recipe and make some of it myself, shout out to The Man’s mom for a this!!!

Before I go watch the Yankees lose the Yankees/Angels game, here’s a quick sneak peak at some of this week’s dinner menu!

And while you’re at it friends, check out this awesome giveaway over at my homegirl Brittany’s site: Eating Bird Food’s eggcellent giveaway from for Rachael Ray Cookware!

Alrighty bloggin’ buddies, see you tomorrow for Monday fun 😉


14 responses to “Apple Kuchen say what?

  1. Sweet potatoes with pineapple? That sounds interesting; I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    • It’s my grandma’s recipe from every holiday I can remember when she was alive, and now us ladies (my mom/me/sister) carry on the tradition each holiday as well, it’s so good! So I decided to try a “week night modification” on the usual recipe and see how it turns out 🙂

  2. oyyyyyyy vey that is one perdy lookin’ apple dessert! very autumnal 🙂 your grandma knows whats up!

    I went to Panera last night — nothing better, right?!

    • sometimes Panera is just completely necessary, and the fact that I have 3 of them within a 5 mile radius (no, for real) makes it so convenient haha 🙂

  3. Cute outfit! I don’t think I can pull off the skinny jeans…I’ve been too nervous to try 😉 You look fabulous in them. Love dressing in team clothing. That dinner looks awesome- especially that yummy apple dessert!

    • What girl?!?!, you look great and workout all the time – skinny jeans were made for girls like you!!! The dessert was deelish, I really want to make this for the holidays, can’t believe I’d never had anything like it before? 🙂

  4. All you guys are killing me with your desserts. I think I am off to make a bowl of frozen berries…blah. You and your hubs are too cute in the matching football jerseys too.

  5. omG!! That dessert! I can only imagine how tasty that would be!

  6. dessert looks amazing – i love apple anything

  7. I wish I would remember to go try that sandwich at Panera soon.

    the apple dessert looks amazing!

  8. I want skinny jeans so badly! I’ve been anti-them for a long time…but one of my friends wears them tucked into long boots. SO CUTE! You look so adorable in them!

  9. OMG so much delicious looking food. Looks like the man’s momma has some serious cooking skills too!

    Love the skinny jeans. I have two pairs and they are so fun to rock with heels.

    Oh and I don’t think we can be friends anymoe seeing as the Bears and Packers are arch enemies…

    • Dear friend,
      I was forced into wearing that 🙂 therefore friendship still on.
      Sincerely, Steph

      hahaha but for real, understand that i know nothing about football, grew up with a father who liked the redskins (proximity based I assume, being close to d.c. and all) so therefore have zero competitivity when it comes to the game. now baseball on the other hand, my hatred of the yankees may be enough to tear apart a friendship 😉 happy monday!

  10. ur story on today — liked it.. bookmarked it , will be back again to check out some more later .. nice document ..

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