Where’d she go?

Hey hey hey everyone!!!  Sorry for going completely MIA yesterday 😦  It was a busy afternoon shopping with my sister (and successful!) and then dinner preparation, getting ready and hanging with the fam lasted well into the evening…!

We had a great night, I made my secret lovah — buffalo chicken pot pie — and it turned out amazing aaaagain!  If you want to see the recipe step by step from when I made it last time, check it out here 🙂





Plus some roasted broccoli, set up like this (ignoring The Man’s hand flailing in front of the lens haha)!


We also had just a lil’ Chardonnay 😉

After the fam went home, The Man and I stayed up and watched this


which I thought was just the cutest!!!  I am such a sap for these types of movies haha.

This morning I woke up to a lil’ of this


Oh savory oats, how I love thee so!

Plus one of these FiberOne Key Lime Pie yogurts, a recent new purchase which turned out to be superfab! 🙂


Alright friends, time to go catch up on some googlereader and then we are off to The Man’s parent’s house today for some fam time!!



6 responses to “Where’d she go?

  1. Buffalo chicken pot pie is the best! Great family dinner thanks to you, “The Man”, and lil Lu who kept us entertained…well, at least me, the guys were watching more football.
    Question: How much football can one watch?
    My answer: Not much!
    Dad’s answer: A lot!

  2. I really need to try this pot pie 🙂

  3. Totally understand about being MIA…glad you fun shopping!! Oh I cannot wait to see the Proposal, glad to hear it was good!

  4. how did you like those yogurts my love?? I tried the vanilla and wasn’t crazy about it — perhaps the flavored ones are better?!

    ahh the proposal was quite possibly my favorite movie of the summer! though any film with a shirtless Ryan Reynolds is guaranteed to be amazing, am I right?!

    • I actually really liked the key lime – and I normally don’t tend to like flavored yogurts (most are so “fakey sweet” tasting to me?) but this one was really good! Ummm, you are sooooo right about Ryan Reynolds 😉 I watched it again this morning while I was doing stuff around the house hahaha!

  5. Key Lime – yummmm. It’s actually really good when you crush up some graham crackers. 😉 Tastes like the pie!!

    equally as yummy? Ryan Reynolds. OH MY.

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