Sweet potato + pineapple you say?

So this Monday morning started off by waking up to the sound of The Man’s phone alarm going off before mine (huh?!?!?)…. which has happened ohhhh NEVER since we’ve lived together since he doesn’t work til 9am. 

Then I remembered that my handsome hunk was starting


this morning!  We watched the start up video last night and this looks pretty intense.  Today was day 1 of the training, which I will be tracking for him to see how the results turn out (tonight is our first photo session oww owww 😉 )

I’ll be posting his progress as well, but more of that to come!  Also, there appear to be some pretty sweet workouts in the set so I may give some a whirl.  I don’t know that I’ll actually go through with the full program, I have a hard time with strict regimen not planned by moi (type AAAAAAA!)

I’m excited to see how he likes it though 🙂  He was up and crackin’ at 7am this morning and sweating away (ummm btw, thanks honey for locking me out of the exercise room so that I couldn’t see you in action, what is this?!)

Work this morning was work, nuff said.

Lunch on the other hand, was not your average Joe 😉 !

Leftover slice of heaven  buffalo chicken pot pie


I may or may not owe Jenna my first born for introducing me to this recipe 😉

And apple kuchen from last night!


Yes please 🙂

So tonight’s agenda includes a cardio workout after work – I think I’m gonna hash it out with my oldest homegirl Jillian…. I need some shreddin’ in my life.

Dinner plans include

  • Ribeye steak (cooking method tbd)
  • Sweet potatoes stuffed with pineapple & topped with marshmallow

Now I know this sweet potato mixture sounds unconventional, but my grandma (“nanny”) used to make this casserole for the holidays while we were growing up and it was my FAVORITE. 

3 ingredients:  sweet potatoes (mashed), crushed pineapple (canned), big fluffy marshmallows.

Basically you spoon a layer of mashed sweet tater on the bottom of a casserole dish, top it with a layer of crushed pineapple, repeat once more.  Bake it in the oven til warmed through, and at the end top with a layer of marshmallows and crank up the oven to melt them into a gooey topping, they should be a lil’ brown on top.

This. Is. So. Good.

So tonight I am making a modified weeknight version (who do I think I am, Rachel Ray?) and trying this out in a bit of a different style with what we have at the house 🙂  More to come later friends!

Alright, gotta get back to it!  Happy Monday, we’re halfway through 🙂


13 responses to “Sweet potato + pineapple you say?

  1. Happy Monday, girly!!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with those sweet potatoes!

  2. Buffalo chicken pot pie? That sounds right up my husbands alley. Also, the sweet potato & pineapple sound great together!

  3. sounds so good. How do you have the energy to cook after work and workouts? I’m so dead I barley make us something warm!!

    • A lot of times I get dinner started before I work out, since I do so much of my exercising at home. Like today I know we are having sweet potatoes, so I clean ’em up and pop them in the oven while I work out and then they will be done and ready once I am 🙂 For days I workout though I def keep meals a bit less complicated, then on days that are “off days” (usually wed/fri) I’ll plan something that may take more time since I know I’ll have a bit more of it and since I love coming home and starting cooking – theraputic for me – yes, I am certifiably crazy most likely haha 😉

  4. P90x I have heard a lot about that. A friend of mine is doing it and seems to like it. Your dinner sounds amazing…. I think we all have a little bit of Rachel Ray in us. 🙂

  5. OMG that’s the exact sweet potato casserole recipe we have every Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!! It’s absolutely amazing!!!! The marshmello gets all crsipy and carmelized and the sweet potatoes are super sweet from the pineapple!!

    Mmmm I am ready for Thanksgiving now :0)

    • That is crazy?! I have never met anyone else who even heard of this recipe haha, it’s SOOOOOOO GOOD!!! I’m gonna make it with marshmallow fluff tonight (since we just HAD to buy a jar of this – see if I take the man shopping with me again haha) and see how it goes…..

  6. I always try to prepare for week meals on the weekend. I usually make a lb of beans, some whole grains whether its brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, spelt, whatever…sometimes I even make sauces or spreads. I did a cheesy bell pepper one this week and made these amazing veggie wraps. YUM!

    • That’s a great idea too, I’d love to be better about prepping more on Sundays! Quick question for you, I have read a lot of controversial info on storing cooked grains/rice in the fridge and proper storage techniques related to certain bacteria spores that reproduce if it’s not cooled/stored properly… have you read up on that at all by chance? – I was a bit surprised actually when I stumbled across this!

  7. Ooh I will be interested to read how the P90x goes for him. Darin and I purchased the program a few years ago and did the meal plan but never got around to doing ALL the exercises because we lived on the third floor of an old Victorian style house. Let’s just say the plyometrics didn’t work that well for our neighbors below. I think it’s a pretty good system, quite intense!

  8. mmm I love me some sweet ‘tato casserole and pineapple — so I have no doubt this recipe is a winner!

    have fun with the photo shoot tonight… behaveeeeeee 😉

  9. I can’t wait to hear what the Man (and you) think of P90X! I feel like it’s the new “Shred” of the blog world. Though, I love my shredding! Or, uh…I used to (pre-knee). That Jill knows how to kick booty in less then 10 minutes!!

    • I totally agree that it may be the “2009 shred” trend…!! We’ll see how it goes, today was plyometrics day, he said it was really good (but tough!) 🙂

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