Grandma knows best :)

Ahhh Jillian, now I remember why I love thee so 🙂  in 24 short minutes you make me feel the burn and sweat like there’s no tomorrow!  Thank u level 3 shred – you rock my world.

Onto dinner!

  • Ribeye steak in Chop House marinade
  • Sweet potato, pineapple & marshmallow ‘casserole’
  • Salad w/ blue cheese

First to start up was the sweet taters, which I popped into a 375F oven for about 50 minutes while I worked out – easy peasy (don’t forget to poke some fork holes!) and done when I was!

I was planning on stuffing the taters, however they were cooked so tender that the skin just fell apart so it was time to makeshift!  Hey, I’m flexible 😉


I first drained the pineapple and saved the juice.

Then removed the peel from the sweet potatoes and mashed them up, adding a few tablespoons of the reserved pineapple juice for moisture.

Then I spooned half the mixture into a small ramekin and topped with a layer of pineapple (made 2 of these:  his and hers)


Then added the remaining sweet potato mash for a top layer


And popped back in the oven for about 10 minutes at 375F to warm through.  At that point it was time for the marshmallow!  My grandma used large marshies, however we had fluff on hand so that’s how it went down…. note that although it may not be as beautiful it is still as tasty!

Back in the oven at 400F for about 10 minutes til brown on top and voila!


Ya’ll I know it doesn’t look that purty, but please trust me when I tell you this stuff is AMAZING.  Grandma’s always know best, and this one never disappoints 🙂


This is probably one of the dishes that remind me of my nanny the most – it holds a truly special place in my ❤  🙂

Alongside of the sweet potato “casserole” I made this guy – which even though I have never made before, I couldn’t pass up at Kroger the other day (I’m trying to experiment more with meats since The Man really likes them)


I brought out my BFF (ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ bout!) and sizzled this up

meat1  meat2

Can I please tell you for the 800th time how much I LOVE this cast iron grill, I mean seriously, look at this




Beautiful.  Not to mention insanely delicious 😉

Rounded out the meal with a salad, here were the players

  • romaine
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • onion
  • blue cheese
  • oregano
  • black pepper

Served up in my nanny’s bowls only seemed fitting (my mom just gave this dish set to us, I love it 🙂 )


The blue cheese was the perfect compliment to the steak, yum!

All together now!


This dinner rocked my socks off 😉  I loved all the flavors and when paired together they were amazing, ahhhh great way to end a Monday if you ask me!

Alright friends, gotta get to some things before Gossip Girl starts!  I hope each of you has a wonderful evening 🙂



11 responses to “Grandma knows best :)

  1. Jillian totally rocks. Glad you got in a super sweet workout. Sweet potato, pineapple & marshmallow casserole? Incredible. Maybe this would convince Josh to like sweet potatoes!

    • It is such a fabulous combo – I refused to eat it for a very small number of years when I was younger bc I was convinced I “didn’t like sweet potatoes” — then I decided to give it a go one random holiday meal and from that point on I was a sweet potato lovah!!! It’s so easy and SO GOOD, I promise you this 🙂

  2. I am SO FAR BEHIND on blogs! Gah!!!

    That casserole looks like complete heaven my dear. And round two of buffalo chicken pot pie looks drool worthy. I should make that again soon!

    Have a wonderful evening dear!

  3. Wow your dinner looks to die for! I would have never thought of that combo for the casserole but it sounds perfect, your right Grandmother’s DO always know best. Glad to hear you got a heart pumping work out in. I used to do those Jillian workouts and I would always be dying by the first five minutes.

    • J.M. really is just the best! I started doing them a year or so ago and they still never fail at gettin’ the sweat goin! The casserole is seriously so good – and 3 ingredients, I mean grandma knew what was up 😉

  4. You gotta love the pineapple and on sw. potato looks great!

  5. Go-gus dinner girlfriend!!

    I need to try that sweet potato casserole thing. I believe that fluff is gluten free but I am not positive.

  6. that sweet potato dish looks so good and just reminds me of the holidays 🙂 what a fun thing to have on a Monday!

  7. you are such a good cook. I’m seriously jealous!! I’m going to do level 3 today, as level one as not quite enough!! 🙂 your dinner looks AMAZING!

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