Beefin’ up the salad!

Hey hey hey bloggies!  How is everyone doing today?  It’s raining / cloudy here in Richmond but that’s okay…. bc it’s been a super busy & productive day thus far 🙂

Last night I had a super sexy photo shoot with The Man for his baseline P90X shots. We followed all the directions and got each and every angle on film.  Can’t wait to track his progress and of course fill you guys in too! 

So how’s he doing so far?  Let’s just say that he popped outta bed this morning at 6:50am (who is this guy?!  and what has he done with my boyfriend that usually sleeps til noon if he can haha lovin’ this!) and was rarin’ to go.  I woke up to all sorts of thumping and banging and I realized that it was plyometric day — he said it was a heart pounder!

Work lunch eats included leftover salad & steak from last night

Steak + blue cheese = winner winner chicken? dinner.  I “beefed” it up (no pun intended mwuhaha) with some goods from the work caf salad bar

  • carrots
  • more cucumbers
  • noodles
  • beets (is this for realz, I know they’re canned but whoop whoop to the work salad bar!)





I also heated up this to go alongside.


Plus some TJs love (hey I was hungry alright haha)


Ahhh deelish!

So yesterday I got an email from Better Homes & Gardens for “Fast-Fix Weeknight Meals” (yes, I subscribe to their updates :P) and normally I don’t go goo-goo-ga-ga (did I just say that?) for their recipes, however this one was a different story!  Check out some of these fabulous ideas for quick, easy weeknight meals, I am uber-impressed and need to try some soon.

Stir Fry Shrimp w/ Cheesy Grits


Curried Vegetable Soup


Pork and Pumpkin Noodle Bowl


Beet the Clock Stack Up


Yummy yummy in my tummy 😛 plus they all look pretty easy too!

Plans after work include Elise Gulan Yoga.Fitness.Plus – which will be the perfect exercise for this rainy day (does anyone else like a more soothing workout on blah rainy days too or is it just me?)

Tonight’s dinner will feature an appearance by this guy again (love at first sight?) !!


I’m going to get it simmering while I work out and it should be good to go by eatin’ time!  I’m planning to also make some pumpkin bread sammies to go alongside 🙂

Alright friends, gotta get back to it, see ya tonight!


5 responses to “Beefin’ up the salad!

  1. That steak from last night looked sooo good! I need to try my cast iron grill asap.

  2. Your salad looks wonderful! I need to make steak at home- I actually never have. Can you believe that? I was a veggie for 8 years and I am scared to make steak because I don’t know what kind of meat to buy or how to prepare it. But I love the taste and it is great for iron + protein!

    • Hey girl! I hadn’t made it much before now either, I was so intimadated by it esp since I don’t have an outdoor grill yet… however it is so much easier than I thought + so yummy (+ cheaper!). This cut of meat was perfect for a quick grill, I would highly recommend it (and it served us a 2 meals, woah!) 🙂

  3. ExerciseTV has some awesome workouts! I really like their Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader boot camp and their Pink Ribbon Workouts…you should give them a try!

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