Umm salad guy, do YOU think it needs another scoop?!

Today is the day friends…. the day of the long awaited Inaugural Ultimate Slider Eating Contest!!  (but more on that later…) 

Alas it is also Friday – which I am sure each of us already is well aware of whoop whoop!

So guess what, not only is one of my besties coming tomorrow for weekend festivities… another one may be on the way too as long as he can get back from Memphis w/out any issues!   Oh I hope you guys get to meet him (him=Robbie) … he is our long time college bud and let me just tell you he is a-w-e-s-o-m-e! 

Robbie & Yours Truly @ Kristine’s wedding 2007

Robbie and Steph Rehearsal Dinner

Things I associate with Robbie – this will just give you an idea of how outta control hilarious my bud is:

  • bunny rabbit stew
  • midday school bus adventures
  • sleeping in the snow overnight
  • metal in the microwave gahhhh!

Okay, I think you get the picture 😉  I love this guy, and I hope both him and Laura get to come on Saturday!  Plus we are meeting up with ol’ preggers (love you Stine 🙂 ) for some dinner plans…. “I gotta feeling wooo hoooo that tonight’s tomorrow night’s gonna be a good good night!” — go Fergie?

For lunch I stopped at a place called Southern Railway to grab this


One question:  Does this look like 1/2 scoop of salad dressing to you friends?!  The guy may as well have made soup with it, AND he asked me if I wanted another scoop after slathering this all over my veggie goodness – ummm salad guy, do YOU think it needs another scoop?!

So anywho, the mix was really good and I may or may not have taken some napkins to the salad to soak up some extra dressing (I hate too much dressing, I’m a “light on the dressing kinda gal”) grrrr

  • romaine
  • grilled chicken
  • cucumbers
  • mushrooms
  • tomatoes
  • green peas
  • roasted red peppers
  • feta
  • FF honey dijon

I like to treat myself to a lunch out at the end of each week, and this was a pretty good one (sans 890lbs salad dressing issue) 😉

So you are probably wondering about this slider contest I mentioned before?  Yes, my work peeps have organized an official slider eating contest between probably the smallest girl (big appetite apparently) in our group vs. the tallest guy.  See, they have had an ongoing battle over who can eat more burritos/sliders/anything for a while now – so it’s time to settle this once and for all!

So let’s just say that this afternoon will be filled with them eating as many of these guys

as they can stomach in 1 hour.  Haha should make for a good time 😛

Alright friends, The Man and I are pumpkin carving tonight and making some dinner — it’s a rainy/cloudy day so I can’t wait for a relaxing Friday night with my love 🙂

Before I leave you friends, check out this recipe I found earlier today:  Pumpkin Soup with Cinnamon Croutons.  Does that sound amazing or what?!

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful Friday and see ya tonight!


7 responses to “Umm salad guy, do YOU think it needs another scoop?!

  1. I should meet you there for lunch sometime!

  2. Maybe Bunny Rabbit Stew can make an appearance on the blog????? Hahaha..Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. LOVE you LOVERLY

  3. I just happened upon your blog and wanted to say hello “hello” 🙂 I’m a salad fanatic so love your salad. There does seem a lot of dressing there.

  4. The salad does look yummy despite all the dressing. At least it was fat free right? Your slider contest sounds fun and a little disgusting at the same time, I always get queasy watching eating contests for some reason. Yey for a fun weekend with friends visiting and a relaxing night at home with the hubs. Enjoy yourself!

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