Gourmet lunch?

Hey friends!  How is everyone’s Saturday going?  It’s been a productive one over in this neck of the woods 🙂

I got all the grocery shopping done this morning which felt great – the menu is looking pretty good this week even though I’m going to be short on time due to week 3 of that training I’ve been going to.

I even ended up $splurging$ on a beautiful pork shoulder with dry rub from Whole Foods.  I was going to purchase this cut of meat from the regular grocery store, but after seeing them at 2 stores they just looked like they were soaking in chemicals and so not appetizing. 

Therefore I decided to treat us to some high quality pork, no antibiotics and the high quality standards/practices used by Whole Foods ensure the animal has a healthy, comfortable life.  Worth the extra money? YES.

Guess where this is going….


Oh yea, this crockpot is amazing!  It has digital temperature read and even includes a probe so it knows when the food is done cooking… holding it at a safe temperature after that.  Awesome 🙂

Ya’ll will be seeing this tomorrow!

We also cleaned the house this a.m. and got things ready for our friends to arrive – I can’t wait – it’s gonna be one of “those nights” I can just feel it 😛

I heated up a quick lunch consisting of leftovers from last night


Gourmet lunch?  Felt like it, in 1 minute 30 seconds flat! 🙂

We have some errands to run including hitting up World Market since The Man has decided we need to be the peeps on the block with the “cool candy” that kids can’t get anywhere else… & they def have plenty of neat stuff at WM like that!  I am so proud 🙂 

More adventures to come tonight… including Laura’s famous red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, dinner out with friends, then some potential bar action 😉   Now if only this rain would go away…..



6 responses to “Gourmet lunch?

  1. Gourmet lunch indeed. It looks delicious!

    Happy Halloween and have a lovely time tonight with tus amigos!

  2. I totally am with you on the meat splurge. I can’t really stomach regular old grocery store meat. Of course I do order it out sometimes and I am not sure of the quality but seeing it in those packages is just not appetizing! I am jealous that you get to give out candy tonight! Have a blast and I can’t wait to see those cupcakes!

  3. Happy Halloween Girl!! We got some wine too : ) Have a good night with your friends.

  4. foodieinthecity

    Have a fabulous evening with your friends! I think you should definitely bar it up 🙂

    Happy Halloween my dear!

  5. jeeze – you are making my hummus and laughing cow sandwich for lunch seem very inadequate 😉

    happy halloween to you love!

  6. Glad you’re loving the new kitchen toy. Hope you guys had a fabulous halloween

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