Yes, these are my friends ;)

Well friends, I made it!!!  It’s Sunday morning and after a full day of college friend shannigans, I am alive and kickin’ 😉 

Here’s a quick recap of yesterday’s events for you!

The Man and I ran some quick errands before Laura & Robbie arrived, including a stop at the pet store — where I found Lucy Dog’s twin – he even crossed his paws while lying down just like she does!!


Where we also picked up some bat wings for the lil’ lady 😉


Then Laura & Robbie arrived bearing gifts!

Serious cupcake carrier


Red velvet cupcake lurve – Laura, you need to start a bakery bc these cupcakes are a-freakin-mazing!!


Ghost shaped, how festive!


Robbie got me this supercute vino tote too, he said this way I can be stylish on-the-go haha (bc I apparently am the win-o here?!  he knows me too well 😉 )


I mixed up some Sangria with apples that was super deelish (thanks World Market, you have done me well aaaa-gain 🙂 )


We had many a discussion on how we are getting old…. and aren’t quite the partyin’ college kids we once were.  Then Robbie twisted off this Magic Hat brew cap and we decided that it was a sign haha 😛


Hahaha.  Classic.

We rounded everyone up once Ol’ Preggers (once again, love you Kristine!) and her hubby arrived and were off to dinner at Firebirds Rocky Mountain Grill.  I ❤ the ambiance at this place, it’s got a “mountain lodge” feel with brick fireplaces, etc (so cozy!)

Their menu was looking some kinda scrumptious 🙂


Of course a glass of Chard was necessary


I chose the Grilled Tenderloin Salad, dressing on the side


The Man chose the bleu cheese filet — bacon wrapped and topped with bleu cheese & mushrooms.  Yes Please.  Hands down, best dish of the night holy yum!


A quick kiss from my love 😉


After dinner we stopped off at Dick’s Sporting Goods on the way back from dinner (it’s right next to the restaurant in our outdoor mall) and look what happened haha.



Yes, these are my friends 😛

\After this adventure we lounged around the house a bit to drink more wine digest and watch some baseball/football.  Stupid Yankees. 

We then headed over to a bar down the street for some more Halloween festivities.  They had a hilarious Halloween costume costume contest haha, check out the ?shower curtain? behind us…


More of this may or may not have happened 😉  Hey, it’s Halloween peeps!


All in all it was a fantastic day / night with some of my most fave people EVER!!!  I hope all of you enjoyed your Halloween festivities as much as we did 🙂

Alright friends, time to get this crockpot figured out and start slow cookin’ this pork away so it’s ready for tonight’s barbeque dinner!!  Of course I’ll be back later to let you know how it all went down 🙂 

Aside from that, I foresee much relaxing on this rainy Sunday in this girl’s future 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday bloggies!


6 responses to “Yes, these are my friends ;)

  1. Looks like a great night- its good to get back to the college days sometimes. And your food looks awesome- I love cozy restaurants, too!

  2. What a fun day! I always want to take every dog in the pet store home with me! Your dinner salad looks fabulous. Love the camo. Hope you have a nice Sunday and enjoy that crockpot creation

  3. bleu cheese filet?! I’m dying. Sounds like a blastie, girl 🙂

  4. Don’t grow moldy when you grow oldie, haha, love it.

    Also … that’s such a cute wine tote!

  5. hahaha I love the pic of your friends dressed up in the store! Those cupcakes look delicious too, I wouldn’t have been able to resist the ghost. For some reason really well decorated food is so much more appealing, you can’t say no! Glad you had a fun Halloween!

  6. Bahahaha OMG love the camo outfit! That steak sounds unfreakinbelievable!

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