Mega sammich!

Oh Monday….

So I am at training again this week, learning all sorts of fun things about statistics & hypothesis testing (exhilirating, I know) so I think it’s going to be another long week 😛  I also have another important presentation to be done mid-week, but I like that kind of stuff (call me crazy!)…. either way I hope it goes well.

But more importantly, we have free lunches provided all week which means fun foods to come!  We also have access to the free sode & snack stash… (dear stomach & brain, please work together to keep me within a reasonable limit with these items haha)

Today’s lunch started off with Jason’s Deli… yay I love this place!  For those of you who have never been, they have salads/sammies/FREE FRO YO at this establishment.  Yes please.

Box o’ roast beef on wheat, chips, pickle & white chocolate macadamia cookie.


Ummm outta control roast beef sandwich


What’s up with me and red meat this week (?TWSS?)  I must be going through a brief iron deficiency or something?!  Well anyways, this sammie was awesome!  The bread was almost sweet and they put a vinegar dressing (just a bit) on there too which was great.  Yum 🙂

After training today I have a much needed workout planned…. I took some time off over the weekend and am refreshed and rarin’ to go!   I think Jillian may win out today…. 😉 she really knows how to kick my butt back into gear.

Quick P90X update:  This morning The Man woke up ready for some more P90X action — it was really nice to have him awake with me so early (training starts earrrrly!) and I think it will help to sync up our schedules.

Here are some thoughts on the program so far, he said-she said style 🙂

He said:  I am already beginning to see an improvement in my endurance & strength.  As we repeat certain exercises I am able to do more and more of them as time goes on.

She said:  His energy level is outta-control awesome!  I haven’t seen him pop outta bed with such vigor EVER and carry that on throughout the day.  It has been amazing coming home to dishes being done, rooms being cleaned, etc — I think I may have to send Tony (P90X guy) a person thank you note 😉  I am also starting to see him tone up (but shhhh, I don’t want to tell him that yet :P) 

Progress pics to come at the end of month 1!

Dinners this week are going to be fast & easy to accomodate my schedule, and tonight will be no exception.  On the menu is Spicy Pumpkin Soup’s cousin… Harvest Vegetable Soup!  I hope it lives up to my expectations 🙂


Along with some grilled tomato & cheese sammiesFast & easy and perfect for this chilly day!

Speaking of dinners, thanks to all of you friends for the lovely wonderful crockpot comments yesterday!!  Rest assured that you will be seeing more of these crockpot creations very soon, as I am in lurve 🙂  And just in case you wanted any details on the specific crockpot I purchased.. it was a Hamilton Beach Set It n’ Forget It that cost $49.99 from Best Buy on sale.  It was the best choice for my price range based on Consumer Reports and I love it!  Hey, I do my research 😉

Anddddd before you get back to work friends 😉 – check out these great giveaways for your chance to win some awesome free swag!

(1) Enter to win 5 fantastic Nature’s Path products over at Danica’s Daily!

group2 boxs

(2) Enter to win some awesome Progresso loot from my homegirl over at Foodie In the City!

10209 Progresso-web-1

Gotta get back to learning, but I will see you friends tonight for a dinner recap & good tv!!  Gossip Girl or Yankees game… gahhh decisions haha.



4 responses to “Mega sammich!

  1. GOSSIP Its my fav! 🙂

    Gotta love free lunches.. how fun.

  2. That sandwich looks awesome – I’ve heard Jason’s is good but we don’t have one. YUM to those soup mixes too!

    Good luck on the Nature’s Path contest – thanks for the shoutout.

  3. foodieinthecity

    Thanks for posting my giveaway!!!

    You sammie looks unreal. I totally wish I was having that for lunch 🙂

    More power to you that you love presentations! I try to avoid them, they seriously stress me out for weeks ahead a time.

    Have a wonderful afternoon!

  4. I love your secret review on your px90! so great and fun to follow! 🙂

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