Best thing ever + Pineapple Chobani spotted!

Hey hey friends!  How is everyone tonight?

Well I must say that the remainder of my day was brutally tough…. after a stress filled morning, the last thing we wanted to do was 5 hours of hypothesis testing, however I made it out alive and came home to probably the best thing ever  🙂

So remember how I told you that The Man had some serious dental work done today (think roof of mouth skin graph, root removal, yea)…. well guess what this lady came home to after work?  The sound of the vaccuum?!  Upon initially walking through the door I thought I may have been hallucinating….

Then I also noticed that the house was SPOTLESS.  I’m talking dishes done, all laundry put away (check that off tonight’s to-do list!), new laundry started, OMG I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

He had stayed home from work & said that he wanted me to come home to a neat, clean house since he knew I had such a rough day.  Did I mention how much I love this man I mean seriously, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world 🙂  And if it has anything to do with the pain meds that he is on, then so be it haha.

So needless to say it was time for me to take this trooper over to the store for some soft foods, poor thing hadn’t eaten all day 😦  That was when a miracle occurred, as we were rummaging through the yogurt and pudding section look what I found!!!!!!


They were shoved away in this lil hidden spot, only 5 of them, and I about had a stroke right there.  See friends, I have looked everywhere for Chobani (Whole Foods, Kroger, Ukrops, WalMart, etc) and have not been able to locate this stuff around here ANYWHERE…. And low and behold, the crappy Food Lion near our house has the freakin’ stuff, and the infamous Pineapple flavor at that!!!!!!  I about FELL OVER. 

So I bought 3.  Haha obvi 😉

After the best adventure ever, I got home and decided on which ExerciseTV workout to do — Cindy Whitmarsh Less Is More!!!  I love this 30 minute routine, it is intense and really gets the sweat flowin’ 🙂

Felt great. 

Then it was time to whip up a lonesome din, since The Man dined on cottage cheese (he loves this stuff?) and pudding for his meal 😦  I decided to save Mexican fiesta bowls for a night that he could enjoy them with me — he loves these — and opted for usage of last night’s leftovers instead.  Hey, no complaints here, last night’s din was deelish!


So no fun new photos tonight peeps, sorry friends! 🙂

However, I left room to dig into the Pineapple Chobani (duh)


Now if you’ve ever noticed, I am not a huge yogurt eater and normally don’t go goo-goo-gah-gah for the stuff…. however I knew there was going to be something different with this from the second I opened it.  Holy crap this stuff is LIFE CHANGING.  I have never had yogurt this good.  Ever.  Not even Fage comes close!!!

So with that said, tomorrow I will be going back to Food Lion to buy the remaining 2 that I left there tonight haha.  No friends, seriously.

Alright, gotta run and go watch the World Series with my boo, he deserves some serious cuddlin’ tonight!

See all you fabulous peeps tomorrow, and just think, the week is almost over 🙂


21 responses to “Best thing ever + Pineapple Chobani spotted!

  1. I work for Chobani and I am so glad you found the Pineapple, I will pass onto Ukrops that you love Pineapple. But for now you will have to buy it at Food Lion. Let the retailers you shop at know you want Chobani. It really does help when customers make requests. We are thrilled you like our product. PS. I am totally jealous of the spotless house.

    • So nice to hear from you! I had been looking for this stuff for a while and couldn’t believe that of all stores, Food Lion had it?! Either way, I was totally excited and absolutely loved it!!! I am going to take your advice and stop by Ukrops this weekend and talk to them about potentially carrying it as well, they are such a great family run company that I know they would be open to hearing suggestions 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful comment!

  2. BTW I saw Chobani last Friday at Whole Foods. I didn’t check out the flavors though.

    • Hmmm are you sure it wasn’t Oikos? It sounds like they are only carrying it at Food Lion (which is totally random if you ask me!) — see comment from Yvette about talking with Ukrops, I am def going to do this this weekend when I have to stop by the bank 🙂

  3. Unfortunately the Whole Foods in the Richmond Virginia area doesn’t carry Chobani yet. Most Whole Foods do carry Chobani.

  4. foodieinthecity

    Three things.

    1) Your mom is ADORABLE. My mom totally talks to me about my blog every night when we talk.

    2. I must try this Pineapple Chobani. I’ve seen it but have always been skeptical of the flavor. But with your stellar review, I think I need to give it a shot.

    Most importantly…

    3. I hope your boo starts feeling better. What an amazing guy to clean the house while you were at work!

  5. Wow… what a nice husband you got. My boyfriend has only done that for me maybe once or twice!! It is such a nice feeling to come home to 🙂 Glad that you found the yogurt and got to enjoy it!! You and your mom are so cute!

  6. yay pineapple Chobani!! Delicious. so so so so good!

  7. what a sweet guy! That really is the best feeling, better than roses or presents in my opinion. I gotta get my hands on some of that Pineapple Chobani. Seriously jealous of your stash!

  8. aw, how sweet that he cleaned for you!

    Isn’t that pineapple yogurt amazing?!? I love it. I haven’t seen it in our Food Lion, but I’ll have to look again.

  9. savoringsarah

    Pineapple chobs?! SOO jealous. The ONLY greek yogurt available in my itty bitty is the big ol tub of 2% plain fage. SO boring.

    And give your boyf another entry for the BBE awards !!

    • I know how you feel, I totally searched for this stuff forever it felt like til I just gave up 😦 And voila, surprise, there it was! Maybe it will appear for you too, and the folks at Chobani said that I could actually go to my local grocer and request they carry it — worth a shot right? 🙂 I have also heard that some Sam’s Club & Costco locations carry it, but haven’t validated that yet.

      Thanks for the sweet comment about the man too, happy Thursday!

  10. I’m so brand loyal to Chobani!! I’ve tried all the others and theirs is by far my favorite Greek yogurt.

    I can’t believe your man went on a cleaning spree after dental surgery! What a sweetheart 🙂 I just love when they surprise us like that!

  11. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Your Blog is Over the top award over at

    Love your blog!

  12. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so sweet that he did all that for you. He def rocks. The pineapple chobani is the absolute best flavor! They finally started carrying it at our WFs

  13. When I went to WF this morning I signed us up for the last two openings in the cooking class! Also, you were right about the Oikos. My eyes saw Oikos, but my brain remembered Chobani…oh well. Tonight WF is having a Thanksgiving tasting event from 5:00-7:00. I might stop by….are you interested in going?

  14. what a SWEET, sweet man!!! Yow!!! Hold on to that one. 😉

    Um…and they STILL don’t sell pineapple chobani by me? WTH? Oh, well….they did just get strawberry (my 2nd fave) – so I guess this girl can’t complain!!

    • Hi again – Yvette here from Chobani. Let me know your locations – and I will try to let you know where you can find our products and I will voice your requests at the retailers – I am one of the most fortunate people to be on the Chobani sales team. But as I mentioned before the more retailers here from their customers what they want the more likely they will respond. Anyone who has a Winn Dixie can find Pineapple at Winn Dixie. Only some of the Food Lions carry it based on store size. Thanks to all of you for loving our product – it keeps us going knowing we have such great customers. Look for us on Facebook.

  15. The Less is More series on ExerciseTV is amazing! Cindy’s makes you feel amazing!

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