Presentation success!

Happy humpday friends!! 🙂

So my 12 minutes of Sarbanes Oxley project discussion is officially over for today 🙂 not that it won’t be the last time!  Is there anything better than that feeling of presentation completion? All that prep time and speaking culminating to such a satisfaction of a job well done at the end (at least I hope so?)

Anywho, we aren’t here to talk “SOX” (for those of you who may be familiar with this post-Enron scandal Act!) but instead talk about fun and interesting things, right! 😉

Let’s just say that first off, my abbies are sore from P90X ab ripper X yesterday!  Not too sore that it’s painful, but sore enough to know that they were worked good & hard, perfect.

Lunch today was this guy


I am really missing my veggies at lunch this week… gonna have to ramp up the dinner veg factor tonight for sure!


There was also an unpictured deviled egg which I immediately gave away — I have an unnatural aversion to these things… they really gross me out ?

On a side note:  not a big potato salad fan, but this tater salad was tres deelish! and the oatmeal raisin cookie the size of The Man’s hand (aka huge) was too die for…. holy crap 876 calories of yum! 🙂

After work it is going to be so refreshing to come home and not have to practice presenting and talking to myself like a weirdo haha.  I plan on finally getting a good cardio sweat session in too, that of which is still tbd (ExerciseTV — so many options!)

Dinner tonight is kind of up in the air considering The Man is having some pretty intense dental surgery today 😦  He has informed me that he has dibs on the rest of the Harvest Vegetable Soup since he may not be able to chew for a few days…. time for me to take care of him now I suppose 😉

I am thinking of making some of my fave Mexican Fiesta bowls for my lonesome dinner, since we have most of the ingredients needed for these lovely flavor surprises of fun! 🙂  But we shall see…..?!

Before I jet, wanted to share with you friends some fun info I found on this guy (recent Home Goods purchase) last night!


Rhubarb & Berry Jam (!!) which is made by a Company called Mountain Fruit Company based outta California (go fig)

  • all products produced by hand in small batches in Chico California
  • all natural with no preservatives
  • contain over 77% whole fruit and have half the sugar of other “Low sugar” jams (can be eaten by many diabetics)

And check out a few of the other superfab flavors this company has to offer, wow 🙂

  • The Fig Galaxy (Black Mission Fig)
  • Southern Peach (Peach with Cinnamon)
  • A Red Duet (Strawberry Raspberry)
  • Fig Pizzazz (Fig, Orange)
  • Peaches a la cot (Spiced Apricot Peach)

Um yes, you better believe I will find a way to get my hands on these lovelies very soon!!  😉

Alright friends, I gots to run for some more training fun… see you tonight for a surprise up-in-the-air dinner recap!!


12 responses to “Presentation success!

  1. I have seen “SOX” in a long time. 2 jobs ago, I was in charge of “SOX” compliance in the credit department at a local grocery distributer. Back then, SOX was really new and it was a real learning experience. Thankfully, I don’t work for a publicly trader company anymore.

    • Oh girl I feel ya, I have been in SOX since its onset… from the public accounting & external auditing side initially and now from management’s side at the company I work for… I think I have have issues bc I really don’t mind it :/ One of our Execs today commented on how he appreciated me being so “passionate about controls” hahaha — I think that was code for “uber nerdy and completely insane to enjoy this stuff” 😉

  2. foodieinthecity

    I am so glad to hear that the jam was delicious. It sounds incredible!

    I hope your man is feeling better this evening. It’s your turn to take care of him now 😉

    Mike is going to be gone for dinner tonight, so I am totally making some sort of peanut sauce tofu!

    • Oooo I actually have never cooked with tofu, but am definitely intrigued, can’t wait to see how it turns out! I think I def have “ginger ale duties” tonight 😉

  3. Mmm – that jam looks amazing! I’ve never had anything with rhubarb – it looks YUMMMMY.

    I hope the Man is okay after his surgery! Ow. 😦

    • I haven’t had anything rhubarb before either, I can’t wait to try this stuff!

      Funny story for you, so one day the man randomly asks me if I know how to make rhubarb pie which completely catches me off guard since (1) who knew that he even knew what rhubarb was haha and (2) I don’t even know what the stuff tastes like so no, I haven’t?! Guess I see a kitchen adventure in my future 😉

      He’s hanging in there, the pain meds are helping I think — thanks for the sweet comment!

  4. Lunch looks great- I had pretty much the same thing- turkey sammie with veggies. Good ol’ classic!

  5. That lunch looks and sounds awesome. Good luck with that workout. Exercise TV can be tough.

  6. “ab ripper”??? that does not sound pleasant at all.

    m’mmm I beat that jam could make a MEAN pb&j sandwich!

    • Oh girl, that’s up there on the list of things to do with this guy… I need to crack this puppy open asap, I’m seeing it in my weekend future for sure!

  7. I love Jillian Michaels but I prefer Cindy Whitmarsh…she just makes me work out harder for some reason haha

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