Mexican Fiesta for 1!

Ahhh Thursday night… how I love thee 🙂

So glad tomorrow’s Friday AND we have a short day at training!!  Double whoop whoop to that.

After work I did some much needed Yoga.Fitness.Plus. with my homegirl Elise… awesome per usual 😛

The Man is still not able to eat solid foods so his dinner consisted of this 😦


Is it really sad that I totally miss cooking for us and it’s only been 2 days :/  I also feel terrible that he can’t eat real foods still…. guess that doesn’t make things much better.

Well, since I can currently chew solid foods and since  I had been thinking about those Mexican Fiesta bowls ever since yesterday, I knew it was gonna have to happen – sorry honey 😦

So while The Man dined on his gourmet meal, I sliced up a green pepper + onion and sauteed in some EVOO


Added some leftover frozen veggies & southwestern canned corn I had on hand


Then mixed in some of this new fajita sauce I found that I have been dying to try 😉


We had some leftover slow cooked pork from the weekend that I had popped in the freezer for a later date (yes please!) and that later date was today.

Made some basmati rice using the last of the chicken stock.

Then it layered it all together.

bowl1  bowl2

Topped with some plain yogurt + shredded cheddar + Frank’s hot sauce


And dinner was ready! 

OMG SO GOOD!!  *le sigh*

How did the pork get even better in the freezer… really?  And that sauce is excellent!  Combo of flava perfection, yum 😛

Speaking of perfection, you have to check out the giveaway over @Megans Munchies…. it could be one of the best giveaways ev-ah!!!  Seriously peeps, cinnamon buttercream icing + gorgeous jewelry = yes please!

And before I go I want to tell you about something I’m really excited about!  My mom & I were looking through the Whole Foods calendar last night and stumbled across this cooking class:  Learn how to make some holiday favorites; traditional and vegetarian!

So my fave lady headed over there today and secured us the last 2 spots in the class whoop whoop, love that woman 😉  I can’t wait for this, it should be a fun time!  And of course I will have recaps for ya’ll!

Ahhh so much good tv on tonight…. we are currently watching the ECU vs. VaTech game (boyfriend went to ECU, lil sis goes to VaTech…. rivalry central!) and then there is some Grey’s Anatomy & Real Housewives premiere in the near future!!! 

I ❤ Thursday night TV 🙂

Alright friends, see ya’ll on the Friday flipside!!


7 responses to “Mexican Fiesta for 1!

  1. that cooking class sounds like fun! thanks for the giveaway shoutout too….

  2. foodieinthecity

    YAYYY for cooking classes! I’ve always eyed up the Whole Food’s classes. I cant wait to hear how you like it. 🙂

  3. AH! Real housewives was so good. I’m thrilled its back. Have fun at that cooking class…gotta love WFs. Happy Friday

  4. I’ve always wanted to take a cooking class! That sounds like so much fun 🙂

    Hope the man is starting to feel better. Although who wouldn’t want to live on cottage cheese forever lol. I’m eating some right now!

  5. savoringsarah

    Fiesta bowl looks to die for! Who says stir frys have to be asian!? How was the Fajita sauce? I have tried a couple of sauces by that company before, and havent been super stoked about any of them yet….

    Cooking class should be a blast, especially with your momma! In fact…I just had a great idea what to get MY momma for her b-day in two weeks…Thanks 😉 Happy Friday lady!!

    • I actually really liked the sauce! I only used about 2 tblsp and also spiced it up with some mesquite spice and black pepper — yummy 🙂 Happy Friday to you too girl!!

  6. Gotta love Elise on ExerciseTV!

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