Stepping back into 1890…

OMG I never thought I’d be so happy to see Thursday friends!!


Lucy Dog wants to know how everyone is doing today?!?!  Ruff-tastic hopefully 😉 

I know that today is going to be a good day since I just realized that only my favorite show ever ever ever premieres tonight (ummm how did I not know this til seriously 5 minutes ago?!)

OC5 Premiere

Grey’s Anatomy & Real Housewives tonight.  Yes please 🙂

On a side note, I am happy to report that my abs are still sore from Tuesday’s P90X Ab RipperX routine — I mean seriously, holy cow!  Def going to tackle that one again this weekend, love it  🙂

And as for all you fabulous friends who left such wonderful comments for The Man (which I read to him obvi, and I think he was blusing 😉 )— please know that both him & I truly appreciate all your well wishes for him yesterday — ya’ll are so sweet for realz!   He is still in some pain & taking meds (which is amusing) but besides that he is back to normal and off to work.  Yea, we’ll see how long that lasts 😛

So guess what happened again this morning…. yes, love at first bite!!


So how cool is this, after my life changing Chobani experience last night I happened to come across this fantastic giveaway over @The Actors Diet!  Go check it out and enter to win an assorted box of their flavors to try for yourself, seriously awesome 🙂

Check this, a girl in my training brought in this cookbook from the 1890’s for me to see, how cool?!?!  It was so fascinating to flip through this work of art, the pages were literally falling apart…. I was in heaven!

bookcover  book2 

recipe  calfhead



I thought that was just the sweetest thing that she would think of me to bring that in (they all know about the food blog obvi)… what a treasure!

Alright, so you probably want to see some lunch eats about now right?!  Yea, SO DO I!   It’s currently after noon and we were just told that lunch won’t be here for another 45 minutes…. cranky-fanatic much?! Usually they give us lunch at 11:20 (ridic) and now today almost 1pm… homie don’t play that.  So I’ll have to update ya’ll with how that turns out on tonight’s post I suppose.

Anywho, after work is going to most definitely be a Yoga night!  I need some Elise in my life 🙂

Dinner is going to be dependent on The Man’s mouth status and his ability to chew real food 😦  This morning I got an email that went like this:

“Hahaha, cottage cheese and yogurt time!!!!! Whoop whoop”

… which I take to mean that solid foods aren’t an option quite yet 😉  But we shall see!

Have a wonderful day all of you, I can smell Friday right around the corner! 🙂


10 responses to “Stepping back into 1890…

  1. that pic of lu is cracking me up. i miss her! that cookbook is awesome too!

    • You know what we (and by “we” I mean “me” 😉 ) were doing (we are such bad dogparents) — we were playing youtube videos of (1) dogs barking (2) cats meowing and (3) wolves howling to see her reaction…. she was going NUTS!!! She had the most interest in the wolves, and was sniffing around everywhere in the room to find the darn thing… “sniff sniff it’s coming from that black box I just know it!” Her ears were so perked up and her eyes were glued to the screen…. Yes, it was highly amusing 😉

  2. not gonna lie – at first I thought that was a Disney Princess Cookbook.. how cool would that be?!

    enjoy your Trash TV tonight, love 🙂 I know I will! McDreamyyyyyy ❤

  3. OMG this is going to be the best tv night ever!!

  4. Get out, Real Housewives of Orange County again? That rocks! I am so pumped for this show to start again.

    I couldn’t agree more. The Pineapple is the best flavor of Greek Yogurt I have ever had. So creamy and luscious. 🙂

    Hope you are well hun!

  5. foodieinthecity

    Oh my goodness. We are way too similar.

    The Real Housewives of OC is my favorite TV show too. AND, I forgot who’s blog it was on, but I didn’t know until two nights ago. The first thing I did was grab the remote and DVR the whole season, lol.

    • I know, we really are! Gets back to that whole “wouldn’t it be fun to meet up except we live 9000 miles apart” thing… grrrr! :/ OMG I love OC Housewives, and The Man does too (shhh don’t tell, don’t want him to lose his man card for it haha)…. he secretly loves Tamala — and Bethany from NYC while we’re on that topic — for realz, they are his tv girlfriends I think 🙂 hahaha

  6. I love the cookbook! I was not able to watch Grey’s last night, err, but I will watch it online this weekend : ) Hope you have a great day!

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