Savor this!


You know you want it 😉

Yes friends, happyfanatic over here — we have a short day at training today which means only 5 hours of hypothesis testing he!!   😛 

Plans for my free afternoon are to run some errands, including picking up a few things for one of my bloggin’ homegirls that I’m doing a foodie trade with 😉 as well as probably taking LuDog for a walk since it’s sunny out! 🙂  My kinda afternoon.

Morning snacks included more of this (yea yea yea)


AND for all you fellow Chobani lovin’ friends, Yvette over at Chobani was kind enough to offer to reach out to you  fabulous peeps & if any of you want to know:

  • (1) where you can find Chobani products in your area and/or
  • (2) have her voice your requests at local retailers in your area (they are more willing to carry the product if they know you friends want it!)

then just shoot her an email at and she will be happy to help you out!! 🙂  How cool is that?  Thanks Yvette!!!

P.S. She also let me know that along with Food Lion, some Winn Dixies actually carry the product too. 

P.S.S. The “cookbook girl” from class just told me that she went to Ellwood Thompsons (for you Richmonders) and found Chobani last night too!  She wanted to try it and bought Strawberry and really liked it, I think that one is next on my list 🙂  Thanks for the heads up Tammy, you rock!

Lunch today actually came on time yay!  They ended up ordering from this local cafe called Savor which I was very excited about bc….the company is considered a GREEN business!

Here are some steps Savor does to help Mother Nature:
– use biocompostable to-go cups and drinking straws (corn-based cups),
– biocompostable to-go containers (sugar-cane pulp and corn starch),
– biocompostable to-go utensils (potato starch),
– compost tumbler for our kitchen scraps and coffee grounds,
– real china, glasses and utensils for dine-in,
– recycle cans, bottles, office papers, and boxes,
– chose to be in an old building that has been re-purposed, and…
– use as many local (and mostly organic) products as we can and work with many local farmers

Super cool if you ask me 🙂

So how was it?  AWESOME! 


I decided to treat myself to a lil somethin’ somethin’ – The Reynolds Wrap (i.e. club wrap since it has bacon mmmm sounded good thanks to a recent craving spurred by Kristin’s fabulous dinner last night!)


Had to wipe off the mayo though since I really don’t love the stuff… other than that it was tres deelish!!! 🙂  I coulda sworn there was a hint of lemon flava in there, but I still can’t put my finger on it….?  Oatmeal raisin cookie was awesome too.

Thank you training week for adding 5lbs to my scale grrrr 😉  Well, let’s hope not!

And check out the cute biocompostable utensils!!


Well friends, gotta run, short day = lots to get done!  Can’t wait for my afternoon adventures on this happy Friday 🙂  First friday since I can remember that it’s NOT RAINING!

Dinner is still contigent on The Man’s ability to eat solid foods…. 😦  So we’ll just have to wait and play it by ear!!



8 responses to “Savor this!

  1. savoringsarah

    Yay for sunny, short Fridays!! Club sammies/wraps, when done right, are one of my most favorite treats! Yummmmmm.

  2. I love club sandwiches- never tried a club wrap but its sounds AMAZING!

  3. foodieinthecity

    I used to not like wraps because of the whole lack of bread (you know my love for bread), but now I would almost rather have a wrap then a sammie. Yours sounds to die for!

    Heck yes for a short work day. You deserve it girl. And I loved your clever spind on going shopping for our exchange, you crack me up 😉 I am going shopping for it tomorrow, and I can’t wait!!

  4. Wrap with bacon? Sign me up!! 🙂 Mine today just had veggies and hummus but yours is sounding really good…. 🙂

  5. Awesome looking lunch and I LOVE that your work is supporting such an awesome business. Happy Friday!!!

  6. You are very welcome. Anything we can do to help our customers. We wouldn’t get to do what we love without the people who love our product.

  7. club sammies are my favorite ever… baconnnnnnnnnnnnn ❤

    happy friday hun!

  8. Your lunch looks yummy! I will have to try that place next time I am in Richmond.

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