Kenpo in action!

Happy Saturday friends!  I hope it is lovely in your neck of the woods just like it is here – sun is a shinin’ 🙂

Before I get into today’s eats – check out how we ended last night – raspberry sherbert served with the shiniest mini spoon ev-ah!


Twas deelish 🙂

This morning while The Man P90X‘ed it up, I made us a double batch of stovetop oats (yep, he’s now an oat lovah, so proud!) 

I decided to make PB & Jelly oats using what other than the new Rhubarb & Berry jam 😛

Serves 2:  1 cup oats, 1 cup milk, 1 cup water, 1 mashed banana, spoonful peanut butter & jam


And yes, I did make an “S” for Steph on top outta jam… hey, these things happen 😉

Did I mention this superfab jam is all natural and only 20 cals per tablespoon?

jam1  jam2

Pretty great 🙂  Does anyone else write the date they open stuff on the label to keep track of how long it’s sat in the fridge?  Maybe that’s just my Type A coming out haha 😉

So after a quick stop at TL’s for some fruit & veggies, I decided to try out another P90X workout, the same one that The Man had done before work today…. Kenpo

Did I mention that I am already seeing insane results on him after only 2 weeks?  Either

  • (1) his abs get in shape faster than anyone I know
  • (2) this program is that good
  • (3) both? 

We are going to do 1 month pic updates too don’t forget, so stay tuned!

Ok, back to Kenpo.  So what the heck is it?  It begins innocently with stretching and then gets into some pretty crucial kickboxing moves combined with cardio, which we all know this lady lurvesssss!  It was a great workout, I was definitely sweaty by the end and felt totally worked — I love how kickboxing works your abs so much too 🙂

I think it’s pretty official that this girl <3’s kickboxing.  Period.

Then it was time to throw together a quick lunch!  I was craving a salad & really wanted to add some fruit to the mix for some reason?


  • romaine
  • tomato
  • cucumber
  • honeycrisp apple!!!
  • Ken’s olive oil & vinegar dressing
  • black pepper

I loved the crunch of the apple as well as the contrast of the sweet with the savory of the salad dressing – perfecto!

I also heated up some of the leftover baked beans and rice, ahh day 2 is always soooo good!


Now I think I may see some more raspberry sherbert in my near future 😉

This afternoon I am going to do some meal planning (slow cooker action tomorrow!) and probably some shopping as well.  We have a party to go to tonight at The Man’s brother’s girlfriend’s parents house… so nothing too crazy but should be nice 🙂

See ya’ll back tonight for some party food recaps – and of course I hope each of you has a wonderful Saturday!!


4 responses to “Kenpo in action!

  1. That raspberry sherbert looks divine!

  2. that spoon is glowing! can’t say that I blame it — i’d be beaming too if I were able to get mighty cozy with some rasp. sherbert.. nommmmmm!

  3. Raspberry sherbet looks yummy…hope you have a great night : )

  4. Have fun tonight! Looks like a day full of healthy eats 🙂

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