Salsa dancing dog?!

Stay tuned for your regularly scheduled programming…..

(it’ll be back tomorrow friends!)

It’s been a fun night, but we are super full (slow cooker bbq, veggies, gingerbread cake, pumpkin bars…. you catch my drift!) & exhausted, so just wanted to say hello to all you peeps and now I’m off to snuggle and watch TV with a certain man 😉

I’ll leave you with this lil’ videoplease check it out if you have a minute – it’s a freaking dog that SALSA DANCES?!?!  No joke, this is INCREDIBLE!!

Alright friends, I have a date with the slow cooker in the morning & some other fun things planned so you know I’ll be seeing you soon!

Have a wonderful Saturday night everyone 🙂


2 responses to “Salsa dancing dog?!

  1. omg that video is amazing!! i love it! 🙂 glad to hear you had such a fun night last night! happy sunday!

  2. foodieinthecity

    I totally have had the ‘sneak’ shot too! Love it, haha.

    Stuffed cabbage, SO GOOD! And I am embarrassed to admit, the only kind I have had is Lean Cuisine. I can’t wait for your recipe!

    I am baking in a little bit too 🙂

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