Spicy Apple Mustard love!

Sunny Sunday is here!  How is everyone doing today?  We have a quite the productive morning in this house – cleaning, dinner prep & dog walking and it’s only noon 🙂  Yay!

Sorry to leave you guys hangin’ last night, but the party I was one of those situations where food pics just weren’t an option…. first time that has happened before so it was kinda weird?!  However I did manage to grab a “sneak shot” of the dessert table 😉


The desserts were heavenly I must say! (gingerbread cake, lemon pound cake & pumpkin bars w/ cream cheese frosting!)

We pretty much just bummed around after getting home, and more vino may or may not have been consumed 😉

This morning I woke up and got started on making tonight’s dinner — stuffed cabbage or “piggies” as us Polish folks would say 🙂  I haven’t had this meal in forever & a day, and it’s a meal that reminds me of my nanny (grandma) so much that I have been really wanted to make it – she used to make these all the time!  I could almost hear her cute lil’ voice saying “We’re having piggies for dinner tonight” as I was making them…. 🙂

So I decided to do them in the crockpot, which is why I was making dinner at 10am haha.  Here is a sneak snapshot before the cover went on!


I’ll be back later tonight with the recipe & step by step of course 😉

After walking to the store with The Man and Lucy Dog it was lunch time!  I knew the new Spicy Apple Mustard w/ Ginger & Cinnamon HAD to be used… I couldn’t wait any longer to try it!


And what better way to eat it than with honey roasted turkey, swiss cheese & sliced honeycrisp apples on some multigrain bread, no?


Out – of – this – world 🙂  That mustard is the shizz times 1000!!  Reason #1462 why World Market rocks my world.

Alright friends, got some things to get to on this fine day… and maybe some baking included?!  I’ll leave you with this fun pic, who knew that you could buy brussel sprouts on the stem…?  I just found this interesting (call me naive!)


Fun, right?!

Have a lovely Sunday friends and see you tonight!!!!!!!!  🙂


6 responses to “Spicy Apple Mustard love!

  1. Glad your night was good…and I may of had too much wine too : ) Hey its the weekend!

  2. mmmm that sammie looks delish! my favorite panini at my college is the ‘new england classic’ which has turkey, cheese, apple slices and cranberry bread. SO GOOD. reminded me of this! those brussels look cute! much better than frozen or in a bag 😉

  3. That sandwich sounds incredible!! You have a serious obsession with world market don’t you?

    I’ve never heard of stuffed cabbage…I’m interested to see the recipe.

    • Minor obsession 😉 Their stuff is just SO GOOD and you can’t find anything like it anywhere else?!?!? I need to get a job there or something… gahhhh

  4. mmm that sandwich looks so yummy. I have a new found love for honey mustard in grilled cheese sandwiches, where has it been all my life!? Totally understand about not being able to take pictures, I usually just embaress myself with taking them everywhere but sometimes it’s just a no-no. I think we can all respect that 😉

  5. stuffed cabbage is totally under-rated! My mom used to make it all the time and was one of my fav. things ever!

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