See how juicyyyy?!

Happy Monday night everyone!  I hope we all made it through our Mondays okay and everyone is ready for some relaxation & great TV tonight (ehh hmmm XOXO 😉 )

I also want to thank all of you for your wonderful comments on the 100 cal Carrot, Pear, Raisin bread recipe!  P.S. I have been storing it in the fridge so it is cold and dense and deelish – I like to eat my sweet type breads cold – call me crazy?!

You guys rock 🙂 And if any of you decide to make it, please let me know how it turns out (inquiring minds…!)  Any modifications to the recipe are much welcomed as well, I love to hear new ideas!

Onto the the exercisin’ – hey, girl’s gotta get  her workout on after a weekend of vino indulgence did I say that? to start off the week on the right foot  😛

But before that happened… after getting home from work I immediately popped the taters into the oven at 375F for 45 min so they would be ready for me after my workout.  I also put the chicken in some of the 890 tons of BBQ sauce we have left (outta control, but so good!) to marinate for a bit.


You think I’m kidding, this sucker has 120 2 tbslp servings haha thanks again World Market for the best $3.99 deal evah!

It was a yoga day for me today, considering I have plans to hit up a cardio AND kickboxing class later in the week – thankful for a mid-week day off work! – and didn’t want to cardio overload (hello hunger outta control).

I decided to switch things up a bit tonight

  • tried a new yoga sesh on ExerciseTVTom Morley’s Thighs, Hips & Buns yoga 🙂 pretty good for 21 minutes!
  • Ab Ripperof deathX courtesy of The Man’s P90X – holy moley just as hard as last time!

It was a great “switch up” of the Monday routine 🙂

After my workout with Tom (he’s pretty rustically cute btw 😉 sorry honey, I ❤ U!) I got started on some dinner.

On the menu in our house tonight:

  • BBQ chicken tenders
  • Baked sweet potatoes w/ brown sugar & cinnamon
  • Crunchy apple salad

First up was taking the sweet potatoes outta the oven, they had cooked up perfectly while I was workin’ out!

Then I prepped the salad, here’s what went in the sweet & savory mix


Does anyone else buy whole hearts of romaine instead of the pre-chopped bagged lettuce?  If not, I highly suggest you do, I got this romaine for $1.49 and it will make about 3-4 large salads for the both of us…. VS. bagged salad that is like $3 a pop and makes 2-3 measley salads if you’re lucky! 

Served with “his and hers” dressing! 


Then I popped the marinating BBQ chicken into the oven at 375F for about 10-15 minutes until it was done (covered with foil most of the time to keep moist). 

See how juicyyyyy it turned out!


 Also fancied up the sweet potatoes with help of these guys



Stuck ’em in the oven with the chicken for a few minutes, and voila!


Dinner is served 🙂


saladbowl  plate

Perfect Monday meal!  Easy, healthy and delicious 🙂

Before I go, has anyone ever tried one of these suckers?  Had one for a snack today and it was really pretty darn freakin’ tastyyyyy 🙂


Okay friends, time to get to some more carrotcake bread w/ cream cheese and snuggle up for Gossip Girl! 

Hope everyone has a fantabulous evening 🙂



10 responses to “See how juicyyyy?!

  1. Nice job making such juicy chicken. It looks great! What do you think the trick is?

    • Thanks girl! I def think the #1 factor is not overcooking, I always take outta the oven right before it looks completely done bc it continues to cook as it sits out before serving. I also think that covering it half the time allows for the “steam factor” where all the moisture doesn’t escape into the oven and remains with the chicken… My mom says I have a “knack” for chicken cooking however I think anyone can do it! Hope you are having a lovely Monday! 🙂

  2. Sorry, just reread more carefully- I guess covering it will do the trick. Will try that next time- I always struggle to make a juicy chicken in the oven!

  3. I agree the chicken looks so juicy and you can’t go wrong with sweet potatoes.

  4. longest monday EVER. i can’t wait to catch up on all the good tv shows i’ll be missing this week 🙂 thats what this weekend will be for i’m sure!!!!

    thanks for all the fbook love this week i definitely need it! my friend left me the sweetest note on my car tonight while i was slaving away studying at the empo (8 hrs today, 12 yesterday..YIKES!) and it made my night literally! the next few days will be consumed with intermediate accounting….ahhh the wonderful major of accounting……..

    i’m officially addicted to iced coffee. like to the extreme. have to have it at least twice a day. liquid crack i swear! it keeps me goin 🙂

    also the fro-yo place by the empo is AMAZING! they have 2 flavors everyday like tart, HONEYDEW! and any topping imaginable. so bad for the bank account

    okay this is long, back to the books! test in 10 hours. yikes! love you


    • I’m so proud of you for all your studying! You know it will pay off, trust me 🙂 I ❤ iced coffee too… I'll have to make you some of my pumpkin spice iced coffee when you come home! as for the fro yo place, ummmm you had me at "tart" hahaha — you deserve it, don't worry about the bank account (bad influence I am) In other news, that new video game with the night goggles came out at midnight last night… yes so J played unitl 6:30am wtf?! I got NOOO sleep either grrrrr

  5. We buy the hearts of romaine as well! The only thing is, my dad buys them at costco which means we end up with 4 of them for just the two of us lol. He only buys them when he’s going to be home for a while though so they don’t go bad before they’re used up (I’m not a big fan of salads)

    I haven’t had sweet potatoes in FOREVER. Must have them sometime soon…

    I’ll be catching up on gossip girl sometime today 🙂 that and desperate housewives. I rarely ever watch my shows when they’re actually on. I just look them up online later lol.

  6. i buy the hearts of romaine, too – so much cheaper!

  7. Ooo so you liked the buns and thighs yoga? I need to start doing some yoga to stretch out my muscles and I figured On Demand would be the way to go.

    LOVE juicy chicken! My dad is the grill master and his always comes out perfect…mine not so much all the time.

    • Yea, the video was pretty good for a quick leg burning session! Plus the guy is pretty cute 🙂 I also like that not all his poses looked so “perfect” like Elise Gulan or Maura Barclay, I think sometimes that makes me feel inadequate with my yoga bc I am NOT that flexible… so this was kind of refreshing.

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