Video games unti’ 6:30am, really?!

This lady is t-i-r-e-dddddd today… why you ask?!?!

Well, let me just start off this post with this lil’ funny for you friends….

Last night, my 12 year old boyfriend went to GameStop @ midnight to wait in line for some supposed superfabulous-life changin video game (yes, we had preordered and prepaid weeks ago, including the NIGHT VISION GOGGLES really?).  So needless to say I didn’t get to bed til he came back home & woke me up to show these fine goggles off.  I mean seriously people?

Then I was again woken as the sun was rising at 6:30am when he was COMING TO BED!!!!  He stayed up and played this thing all night online with his fellow gamin’ buddies, the living room looks like a tornado hit it (energy drink, food wrappers, beer bottle gahhh boys) and he is taking today off to sleep & continue playing more.

One thought on all this:  I think this is just something that me, as a woman, will NEVER UNDERSTAND.


So that’s how my day started.  Late bedtime + waking me up early = grrrrrr 😛

UPDATE:  Just received a text from sleeping beauty (I am assuming he has arisen from his slumber) saying “Sorry the place was a mess this morning, but I picked it up! Love u!!”  Gotta love him? 😉

Anywho, got to work early since I got up nice and early (ehhh hmmmm) and proceeded with my workday.  Took a quick break before lunch to mail a special foodie package to my fave homegirl 🙂 and then got to my lunch!!

At least it was a good lunch day!

Sweet & savory salad from last night


Turkey, swiss & best mustard evah sammie


New (to me) Chobani blueberry flavor!


and maybeeeee some unpictured delicious M&M’s 😉  oooops!

After work today I am

  • (1) nervous to go home and see what tornado has rolled through our house during video game extravaganza 2009
  • (2) planning a quick upper body workout since tomorrow a.m. is heavy on the cardio
  • (3) pulling out the trusty wok for some stir fry!

We have tomorrow off work (yipppeeeeeee!) so hopefully I can catch up on some sleep tonight 😛

Tomorrow I have plans to hit up a CardioInterval class at the gym in the morning, my fave instructor is teaching (!) and to attempt to do a whole chicken in the crockpot…. adventures 🙂 !

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post for a pic of this yummy lookin’ din that fanatic-Mom threw together on Sunday – is she the cutest or what?!


Tilapia Vera Cruz – modified with less oil/butter from this guy’s recipe (wonder where I get it from 😉 ) Go Mom!

2 questions for you friends before I go:

1) For you other friends with the day off tomorrow, what kind of fun things do you have planned?!

2) Does anyone else have a boyfriend that plays video games & have you come to terms with this fact 😛  Snob Steph factor update:  I never thought I would be able to date someone that played “nerdy” video games (who am I to talk.. ehh hmmm computer CPA nerd self!), however I am learning that they are really not that big-a-deal!  Slap my hand for rudeness!

Alrighty friends, I’m off to tackle what’s left of this workday – hope you enjoy yours as well and see ya tonight 🙂


16 responses to “Video games unti’ 6:30am, really?!

  1. Oh my gosh, poor girl. You need more sleep! That man better give you a foot massage tonight- or whatever you want! 😉

  2. Ohmigosh, this whole post made me crack up! I would need more sleep! My hubby and I had a small obsession with video games awhile back. We would play tetris for HOURS. It has passed…lol.

  3. Dave totally LOVES video games. He could play them for hours and hours on end! Too funny! Have you ever been into game stop? While we are there I feel like we are in a different universe! Everyone there is hilliarious! I could sit and just watch people all day there (Except it stinks in there most of the time.) One time when we were at the mall I saw some super cute pajama at victoria secret, I loved them! Dave then honey. They were super expensive and I showed him the tag. He looked at it and paused…then he said..I’ll buy them for you if I can buy a video game! ha ha! SOLD! It made him feel better to buy me something and then put me through the tourture of game stop and a new video game! I actually don’t mind when he plays i usually blog or watch girl shows!! 🙂

    • Oh I’ve def been to GameStop (as I was the purchaser of this video game for the man as an early bday present!) and it is def a sight to behold! I agree with you on that I love that he has something fun he enjoys so that I can be on the computer doing blog stuff (or watch Gossip Girl 😉 ) — which is why I’m realizing that it isn’t all that bad 🙂 I just have never dated anyone so into these games, and I guess this one is extra special in that it required extreme dediciation like woah hahaha Thanks for the great comment, love to hear about those in similar situations as mine, thanks girl!!

  4. haha, I saw on the news this morning that people had been waiting in line for some video game! My BF isn’t hard-core so he doesn’t really play too much but when he played a few days in a row (new game or playstation or something!) I started to get a little worried!!!

    • Oh yes, this is apparently the biggest deal in videogame history or something haha?!?! He said that GameStop had a huge line before midnight – however we prepaid/preordered this darn thing so he got to bypass the line and get to playing right away… priorities right? 😉

  5. foodieinthecity

    You already know that I am in your same boat. My boyfriend can and does spend hours playing video games. 🙂

    I do have tomorrow off, but I am working so I can gain another day off. I will probably regret it when I get into work tomorrow and realize I want to be in my jammies at home!

  6. omg…this makes me lol!!! I mean, guys are SO different, right?! I can’t imagine pulling an all nighter to play a game…in fact, I don’t know if there is anything that would make me pull an all nighter these days. (Grandma much?) I know.

    Hope you get your rest tonight…glad the man “made up for it” with this sweet text and cleaning!!

  7. Well my mom wanted to take my sisters and me up to d.c. to go shopping at tyson’s square for christmas presents and we picked tomorrow 🙂 So that’s going to be super fun! I think I’ve been there like once back when I visited my sister at gmu a few years ago.

    My boyfriend actually got me to play a video game with him yesterday. I just mashed the buttons but I did pretty well! Normally I totally suck because he normally plays games that you have to actually have skill and coordination and a fast reaction time which I definitely do not 🙂

    Enjoy your great day off!

    p.s.- I cannot believe what all happened in gossip girl this week! total shocker! I loved it!

  8. hahaha I know how that is with the video games. LOL

  9. I am so sorry about your sleepless night. My boyfriend used to play video games in college, but he does not do it anymore. He is really focused on grad school, so I do not have much advice on what to do.

    Hope his long hours of playing will die down.

  10. OMG! That’s hilarious. My B.F. plays this game on his computer with his friends (at home on their computers) they all have the little headsets and it’s pretty funny when I walk in and here him yelling over the headset (sounding like he’s talking to himself!). I thought coming to bed at 1:00 a.m. was bad but 6:30, that’s crazy! At least he cleaned up after himself 😉

  11. hahahha that IS what Josh and his friend are playing. They look totally hooked. They both have the day off tomorrow so I assume this will continue for the next 24 hours 😉 I, on the other hand, will be at work. Isn’t the blueberry chobani sooo yummY??

  12. ha ha ha i can totally relate – i’ve been guilty of video game obsession til the wee hours of the morning….not for years, but i do remember it fondly!

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