Fake Out!

Ahhh Thursday… but you feel so much like Monday?!  😛  Gotta love the mid-week day off FAKE OUT!  How awesome is it that tomorrow is Friday…. yea, can’t argue that one huh 😉

Besides the fact that we are still experience what is now a “Historic Storm” and I haven’t seen the sun since ohhhh Monday?  I’ll just tell you that it ain’t pretty around here, heavy rain & high winds make for a not so great forecast!


What is up with this east coast?! 

Parts in the east of VA are going to get some flooding, and we are in a “State of Emergency” apparently.  However I think Richmond will be okay, and as long as we don’t lose power like many others than I won’t personally consider it a State of Emergency 😉

So is everyone having a good day so far?  The workplace is fairly quiet today which means I am getting through a ton of stuff whoop whoop!  Couple that with some afternoon meetings and I’m hoping this workday will be over before it feels like it ever started 🙂

Why you ask?  Well (1) bc it’s workkkkkkkkkk and (2) bc I am planning on going to my fave Kickboxing class at the gym!!!  The superfab instructor I spoke of yesterday’s sister is teaching tonight… and she is g.o.o.d.!

Def getting my money’s worth at ye ol’ gym this week – yes, you’re welcome wallet 😛

Lunch today included leftovers of last night’s crockpot chicken & deelish baked rice w/ butternut squash — love this recipe & both were even better day 2 (go fig, which is why leftovers rock!)


Imposter plate (fake out again)!  No, I didn’t eat of dishware at work haha.

As well as some much needed gloomy day chocolate (x2 😉 )


I may wander down to the Caf and scope out the yogurt selection too, I am a hungry beast today for some reason?!  Chances of finding my beloved Chobani down there = 1/1,000,000,000,000.

So since I’m headed to le gym after work so dinner tonight needs to be uber-easy!  Leftover london broil (thank you freezer!), baked rice & butternut (yes, there’s still more!) + some salad to round out the meal just may have to do the trick 🙂 

Sometimes we all just need a night off & leftovers are totally the way to go in my book!

Before I go, I must tell you friends that I had the most amazing showering experience last night (ok, maybe not THE most haha 😉 ) due to these fun products that none other than Fanatic Mom gave me to try out 🙂 

 1111lemonbodyscrub  lemoncream105

The company is called C.O.Bigelow and these are their lemon body scrub & lemon body creamOne word for how my skin felt after the combo of these – LUSCIOUS!!!  The scrub made my skin super smooth & the body cream quenched my skin without being too oily/greasy feeling.  Plus the fresh lemon scent (no, not like dish detergent peeps haha) is subtle and deelish 🙂

Just thought I’d share bc I can be uber-picky about lotion type products, and this one really impressed me!

Alright, gotta jet, a 1pm conference call is beckoning…. see you friends tonight!


8 responses to “Fake Out!

  1. I love C.O. Bigelow products! Body scrubs are the best too, really any kind, you can’t go wrong! That is hilarious that carrots make your husband’s teeth itch, I wonder what causes it? I always think that my leftovers are better the next day, glad you enjoyed yours 🙂

    • I had never tried these products – they are freaking awesome! Leave it to mom to know best 😉 As for the teeth itch haha, I have no idea it’s the weirdest thing… maybe an allergy I’m thinking? Or maybe he’s just nutssssssssssss hahaha!!!

  2. foodieinthecity

    Can we please trade lunches today?

  3. i love their products! so good.

    hope you have a good afternoon – the rain finally stopped here (for now!). I’m hoping it doesn’t start up again.

  4. Lucky! My part of VA is FLOODED horribly. At least I don’t live in norfolk though. My mom tried to go into work over there today and couldn’t even find a way that wasn’t flooded. Now my dog is bugging me because she’s hungry (it’s still an hour and a half too early for dinner) but she won’t go outside because there is a river in my front yard so I’m stuck with having to hear her growling at me lol.

    • I heard that the eastern part of the state was not good – looks like a lot of schools are delayed/closed as well…crazy & kinda scary :/ I hope that ya’ll stay safe!

      My dog is def not thrilled with the lack of outside playtime either – I think she is going stir crazy in this house!!!

  5. Seriously this horrible weather is making me depressed, I need the sun : ) Have a great kickboxing class! Yes every cook needs a night off, enjoy the leftovers!

  6. Oooo! Love the blue cheese salad dressing idea! I will have to try that, stat!

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