Rain rain go away!

TGIAF!!! 🙂   But….

….what the heck VA?!  Still non-stop rain and wind since Tuesday…. needless to say the 5 block walk to my car from the office was not fun. Nor the driving in this stuff, visibility is terrible and I was scurrrred :/  I can’t remember the last time we got this much rain at once….?

But friends, it was all worth it bc kickboxing class rocked my socks off!  We did a lot of arm work using light weights as well as some great standing ab moves tonight…. love love love 🙂

When I got home I knew that tonight was going to be an easy dinner night… even better since it’s like the best tv night evah (hello Real Housewives whoop whoop!!!!!) and I am in a major relaxation mood due to this weather.

I decided on a salad to start, dressing of choice a blue cheese vinagretteOne of my all time faves


Just use a bit of each (2:1:1 ratio approximately) to come up with the flavor combo/thickness you like and voila! – a lower fat version with more flavor punch than your average blue cheese bear!  

 The vinegar/agave combo thins your normal blue cheese out without any flavor loss, therefore lowering the fat & making it easier to coat salad without using 8lbs of dressing… and the vinegar adds a bit of tang!


Salad included

  • romaine
  • onion
  • cucumber
  • pear
  • black pepper


Lovin’ the sweet & savory salad combos apparently 😉 

Blue cheese dressing + pear = heavenly!

We also had last night’s baked rice w/ butternut squash that needed to be finished up (can you believe this made 6 servings, and it was like the cheapest side dish ever?!)

I wanted to make it fun so I put it into individual ramekins, heated up in the oven topped with some more parmesan cheese (also added about 1 tblsp chicken stock to ensure it didn’t dry out upon reheating)


Have I mentioned how much I love this recipe yet?  Haha, but seriously, I think I may even make it for the holidays I love it that much!

We also had some frozen leftover london broil for protein 🙂

All together now!


It was seriously the perfect flavor combo — love the london broil with the blue cheese salad & the baked rice really pulled it all together.

Total win for the “leftover team” if you ask me!

Alright friends, time to go relax & catch up on some googlereader until these ladies make their appearance

Until then, if you don’t hear from me tomorrow just know that it’s bc our house has floated away in all this rain :/

 Seriously though, hope it stops soon & I’ll be seeing you friends tomorrow for Friday Fun Day!

P.S. When I was a lil’ girl my dad used to say “rain rain go away come again some other day, little Stephy wants to play!” and I always think of this when it rains alot…. so cute 🙂


8 responses to “Rain rain go away!

  1. one week one week! i hope you have some good meals planned to cook for me 😉 i’ve been lving off of panera veggie sandwiches and blackbean soup for the past four days! my wallet hates me, my tummy loves me 🙂

    i miss you so much. thanks for being so supportive this week, i dont no what i would do without you! prob drop outta school and marry rich?! bahahhahahah

    anyways, tell jordan i said HI! and little LU! oh and im super jealous you can go to kickboxing class. i def need to do that when i come home/go to the Y everyday hahahhaha


    • I can’t wait for you to be home! I hope YOU have some fun recipe ideas you want to try cooking with me 😉 I’m so proud of you for all your studying this week lady, I know you will do great on everything! Kickboxing was great, we should def go when you come home

  2. whoop whoop- housewivessssssss! So excited. I love how many people are addicted to that show.

    Nice job on the leftovers chica! It seems like a big leftover night across blog world!

    Happy almost Friday

  3. I am so over this rain, too. I just want it to go away!!

  4. what a great idea to do that with the rice! I love it.

    and pear is so good on salads.

  5. Hope your house hasn’t floated away!! Rain sucks. Its hard to be cheery when its cold and gray, and I notice how much it effects my mood. Hope it gets sunny soon!

  6. The rain is getting pretty annoying! At least I don’t have to go into work because it’s so bad!

    Thursdays are pretty good for tv 🙂 For me it’s because of Grey’s Anatomy! But I usually wait until the next day to watch my shows.

    That dinner looks amazing! I rarely ever cook like that but I need to start!

    Lets hope your house stays in place! Mine surprisingly didn’t float away even though there was a river in my front yard!

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