Cloudy w/ a side of lunch :)

Happy Friday everyone!  🙂

Why the good mood you ask?  Perhaps it was due to the fact that I woke up this morning to the sound of no raindrops hitting the window…. hooray! 

Check out the James River, totally outta control flooded!


Compared to “normal river” if ya’ll remember


Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still cloudy & ominous lookin’ out there and kinda drizzlin’ a bit, however I think this stuff is finally starting to clear out.  *Sigh* it’s about time, I’m starting to feel like a vampire (New Moon?) without any sun haha.

Anywho, so it’s Friday (the 13th gahhh!).  Which means good things all around 😛

Starting with lunch today….. whoop whoop!

Sweet & Savory Salad w/ pears, cucumbers & onions


Turkey & swiss sammie w/ my favorite mustard ev-ah


And one of these guys…. *sigh* wishin we were here together haha 😉


Scarfin’ this sucker down bc work has been busy today, which is why I keep tellin’ myself TGIF TGIF TGIF TGIF 😉

This weekend I am looking forward to a few things, first being that The Man doesn’t have to work so he will be around both Saturday & Sunday & that makes me happy 🙂

Also, I need to do a bit of birthday shopping for a certain someone whose birthday is just around the corner next week…!

We have brunch plans at The Man’s parents house on Sunday along with a fun makeup demo I’m going to with my friend Tammy (no, The Man is not joining haha)…. I think it’s going to be a great weekend esp since it’s not supposed to rain!! 

What do you crazy bloggies have on your weekend agenda?  😛

As for tonight, not sure what we’re getting into yet…. I think it may depend on the weather and how tired us old folks are feeling (am I 80 years old lately?).  I’d like to make a fun dinner (*gasp* no plans yet!) or maybe even go out somewhere yummy.  

Spontaneity is the key to life, right 😉

Alright friends, enjoy your Fridays & I’ll see you soon!


9 responses to “Cloudy w/ a side of lunch :)

  1. Yes! I’m mentioned in the blog! Can’t wait for Sunday!

  2. Yay! It’s still raining here off and on 😦 When my boyfriend and I went to visit his sister in richmond once we went swimming in the james river 🙂 I found it kind of weird that the river looks nice up there considering it’s pretty disgusting down here at the james river bridge going into newport news. gross.

  3. I’m so glad the weather is finally looking up for you…I hate it when it rains for days and days and days. 😦

    I’m a grandma, too! I’m a party pooper on Friday nights.

  4. My weekend agenda = being productive as possible. I need to finish my obesity paper once and for all and attend a soccer game for extra credit in spanish!

  5. yikes — I can’t believe all that rain! better whip out the rowboat 😉

    this weekend = chillaxing. I’m so cooool.

  6. I hope the rain clears up for the weekend. The last couple days have been so deary!

    We totally need to hang out again- just let me know when you’re free.

  7. Wow… James River looks out of control… haha. I remember that river. I lived right next to it! Yeah the weather here is still gloomy. And yes feeling like vampires here too… and btw so excited for NEW MOON!! 🙂

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