Icelandic butter, who knew?!

Hello blog world!  It feels like it’s been a while 🙂

I hope everyone had a better start to their week than this fanatic, but I won’t bore you with the details of spending the morning at the doctor, trekking to work and then having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics I took… yea, just picture no fun and you’d be right on target. 

Let’s just say I am hoping they can get me on a new meds tomorrow so I can keep feeling better without the adverse  effects :/

But anywho, I did go into work for a few hours bc I had some meetings that just couldn’t be cancelled…. praying that I didn’t infect anyone 😦

Let me get to some fun stuff already, geeeeeze I am such a Debbie downer today!

This guy.


Round 2 with Stonyfield yogurts included this guy – blueberry flava though.  Apparently Stonyfield just acquired Brown Cow… either way this stuff was superb!  I am really loving both Oikos/Stonyfield & Chobani… I don’t know that I could choose a favorite at this point 😛  Crazy, right!

Also, look what the UPS guy dropped off today!! (golden halo? haha)

Ummm if this couldn’t cheer me up then I don’t know what will?!  Jenna, you are an amazing bloggie friend, thanks so much for lifting my spirits today 🙂

And tonight, after  trying not to panic about the allergic reaction mustering up some energy I headed over to Whole Foods with my favorite lady (hey heyyyyy Mom!) to attend a Holiday Cooking Class!!  The class was focused on a healthier eating lifestyle, and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! 

Before class the chef proceeded to take a dagger in ye heart when I was told I couldn’t take pics… for realz?! 

Ah well, just image gorgeous food and it tasting even better.  There, good enough right 😉  Sorry friends

However you gotta check out the menu, it was good stuff:

  • Puff pastry w/ sharp white cheddar & apricot preserves — take that brie!
  • Dried cranberry relish w/ granny smith apples, cinnamon & orange
  • Crab  and artichoke dip
  • Clementine jicama salad
  • Field roast with wild mushroom grazy
  • Parsnip puree

Umm the puff pastry & cranberry relish made me want to do a happy dance, holy yum!!!  You will be seeing these very very soon friends 😉 

The parsnip puree was also divine, I had never had parsnips before?  The field roast was actually a vegetarian meat product stuffed with butternut squash and some other goodies… it was decent in my book but nothing special.

Overall it was awesome, I had a blasty with my mom and met some new friends (the chef got my blog address – shout out hey hey!!!)

I also learned some really cool new cooking stuff while I was there, that’s what is so great about food and cooking – you can NEVER know all there is to know, there is ALWAYS something to learn and that is just amazing 🙂

You think I’m kidding eh? 😉

One thing I wish I didn’t learn about haha was Icelandic butter, which was amazing when used in small portions through some of the dishes (higher butterfat content, clocks in at 100 cals and 11g fat per tblsp) but I couldn’t resist buying some!  Moderation, right?

Yea, my thighs are cursing me right now…. sorry buddies!

Alright friends, gotta XOXO outta here.  It’s been a long day and I’m just hoping everything gets better overnight, but you know I’ll keep you posted!

See you tomorrow friends, I hope ya’ll have a fantastic monday night 😛

P.S. Don’t forget to check out this week’s Blogger Secret Ingredient contest, I am totally looking forward to seeing your yummy bleu cheese recipes peeps, I know ya’ll have some awesomely awesome tricks up your sleeve 😉 !


8 responses to “Icelandic butter, who knew?!

  1. Free cooking classes at Whole Foods with a very knowledgeable chef hosting…doesn’t get much better than that! Can’t wait to go again with my favorite first daughter!

  2. Yayy, I’m glad you got your package. We can ALWAYS do bloggie trades 🙂

    Awesome PB AND Whole Foods cooking class, all in one day? You are a lucky girl!

    I hope you start to feel better soon!

  3. You poor thing! I hope you’re feeling 100% better now! PB loco! I have been wanting to try that stuff! I need to keep my eyes open for it at the store! That WFs class does sound super awesome. Get some rest

  4. Hope you feel better soon!! I have not been to a WHF class yet… sounds like fun though. You are so right about always learning something new… I know I do all the time 🙂

  5. Awww what a wonderful girl 🙂 I have no PB Loco around here – she’s lucky!!

  6. OMG the white choco rasp is SO GOOD- i finished that jar way too fast…..

    anywho i think i caught your sick bug because ive been feeling pretty yucky all day- super congested- going to bed early and hoping that i feel better so i dont infect yall when i come home in FOUR DAYS ! HOLLA!

    love you sis, feel better please 🙂

  7. Oh, no!! I hope you feel better! I’ve never had a reaction to meds but I’m sure it’s extremely uncomfortable…especially when you just want to feel better. 😦

    I didn’t know that about Brown Cow/Stonyfield! Chobani wins the battle in my house, because it’s way cheaper….but I do love me some Oikos!

  8. Eeek I hope you get better soon!

    What a fun class though! I would have devoured everything on that menu 🙂 I love a good cheese wrapped in puff pastry!!

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