Your wish is my command!

Well friends, I must first apologize for feeling like I’ve totally been out of it this week… I feel like I haven’t been exuding the normal positivity you are used to on the bloggie and I hope that you can understand.  It is only temporary, promise.

I spent the night only half asleep bc of the reaction to the meds – can you say uber itchy skin.  It hasn’t gone away either, so more to come with that I suppose 😦  This morning was a rough one for me, I won’t get into it but just know that I am trying my very best to stay positive (even if it doesn’t always show friends)!

You guys inspire me, and for that I am so thankful to be in this blog community and have all you wonderful peeps there for support 🙂 

So today my lunch was totally “Jenna inspired!” — I cracked open the jar of Raspberry White Chocolate PBLoco that she was sweet enough to send me to find pure pb lurve inside!

Peanut Butter with Raspberry White Chocolate 

Ummm no one told me there would be white chocolate chunks mixed in?!?!?! 

Hello friend.

You want to be slathered on PB & banana sammich you say Mr. PBLoco?!?

Well your wish is my command!

Some veggies w/ soy sauce to go alongside

And a chocolate goodie also provided by my superfab homegirl

Let’s just say that lunch lifted my spirits… for sure 🙂

Tonight’s agenda is somewhat up in the air depending on my state of sanity 😉 at that point.  I will probably be back to the doctors and we’ll see from there. 

I am supposed to be prepping a sweet potato dish for our work Thanksgiving potluck, as well as making some Italian chicken sausage pasta tonight… I am just hoping I can get to those as planned 🙂

Workouts have been the last thing on my mind to be honest, that’s how I tend to get when my health comes into question however I know that I will be back on track once everything on the sick front is over.

Also, I gots to GET IT TOGETHER for tomorrow bc it’s The Man’s birthday!!!!!!

I really don’t want to rain on his bday parade – so I am trying my best to get everything straight before then.  I even got him a fun surprise gift 😉 and we are planning a fun family dinner outing at somewhere delicious 🙂 

Alright friends, gotta run, I will see you guys back tonight for sure and I hope that you are all having a wonderful day.


10 responses to “Your wish is my command!

  1. That PBLoco flavor looks delicious and I bet it was perfect in that sandwich!

  2. Oh yes, haha, I did forget to mention the fact that there were those tiny bits of heaven throughout the PB. It is insanely good. And your lunch just made my mouth water. So jealous!

    I hope you feel better PRONTO! Sending you get better vibes 🙂

  3. savoringsarah

    Gahhh I hear ya on the stayin positive thing!! Sometimes it’s so hard, all you wanna do is throw yourself a pity party, but that never makes things go any better. Really hopin’ you & I both can focus our energy on the positives and brush off the negatives 🙂 Hope your day is GREAT!

    • I am so with you, I think this comment put me on the right start to start focusing my energy towards the positive 🙂 You rock girlie, thanks for the sweet words… hope your day was lovely!!!

  4. Aww….girl, do NOT apologize!! Seriously, even sick you are more positive than a lot of people I know! 🙂 Feel better and rest up…I LOVE b-days. My own, especially, but I don’t really discriminate!

  5. OMG chocolate already IN the peanut butter? Dang, sounds like love to me!

    Girl don’t worry about us. You have every right to be cranky when you are sick…I sure was.

    Happy b-day to the man!

  6. So is that PB worth purchasing? I’ve debated ordering from their website, but didn’t want to waste money on something that turns out to be mediocre since it’s so pricy!

  7. Oh no! An allergic reaction to meds is not a good thing and not getting enough sleep at night is even worse! I hope that it gets better soon and especially in time for your Man’s birthday 😉 I am sure you have some big cooking plans up your sleeve that I am looking forward to reading about!

  8. currently have a 10 lb food baby in my stomach- no joke- we had thanksgiving dinner tonight and i went all out- my excuse: it was free/had a rough day? BAHHA

  9. I am glad to hear that you are slowly starting to feel better 🙂 Love the PB sandwich… I have not had one of those in a very long time.

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