Woah it’s gonna be a fast one

Woah friends, today has been so busy….  so this is gonna be a quickie  😉

Agenda item 1:  Doctors for meds to counteract allergic reaction that is lingering around & kept me up yet again last night (ummm they gave me steroids, hulk much?!)


Agenda item 2:  Meetings all morning


Agenda item 3:  Lunch consisting of my famous “from the caf” salad (i.e. add to the leftovers from home!) and leftover chicken sausage pasta


Hello black beans, beets, green peas, mushrooms & feta – where you been all my life?

Agenda item 4:  More meetings all afternoon.

To be done.

Agenda item 5:  Make casserole for Thanksgiving Day buffet at work tomorrow.

Little worried about this getting done…..

MOST IMPORTANT AGENDA ITEM!:  The Man’s birthday dinner tonight!!!

Stay tuned…. 😉


9 responses to “Woah it’s gonna be a fast one

  1. Happy Birthday to your Man! I’ll be interested ot see what you make for your Thanksgiving Day Buffet at work tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s next week, where has November gone!?

  2. savoringsarah

    DANG energizer lady, GOOD WORK squeezin ALL THAT in already! Happy Bday to tha’ Man!! Enjoy the celebrations 🙂

  3. Busy busy day! Happy Birthday to the Man 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday to the Man!!!! You have a crazy busy day. Make sure you get some rest and take care of yourself! 🙂

  5. Yayyyyyyy!!! Happy bday to your man!!!!

  6. Ack busy busy day! Nothing like a ton of meetings with medicine head lol.

    You’ll get it all done…I have full faith in you lady!

  7. what a busy day! at least some of it sounds fun 🙂

  8. Busy little bee you are 😉 Happy birthday to your man! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  9. feliz cumpleanos to le chico!! enjoy 🙂

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