Side-tracked by Whole Foods, story of my life haha

Happy Friday friends! 🙂

I hope everyone is having a lovely night, I know we sure are!  It’s gettin’ a lil’ chilly here tonight so we have the gas logs burnin’ and are so very cozy – love it.

So remember my grand plans for Wii Fit Plus after work…?  Yes dear friends, those will remain just a memory since instead I got side-tracked by Whole Foods haha oooops!  I just can’t resist going there as a fun treat after a week of work, does that make me a weirdo?  Story of my life 😉

I wanted to go grab some Oikos using the rest of my fun coupons (thanks again Oikos friends, ya’ll rock!) and WF has a great selection.  I also wandered around for some deelish wine & brews for The Man and myself tonight – it is definitely a cocktail kinda night!  Gotta get this birthday weekend started off right 😉

Local Richmond brewery Legend’s IPA is The Man’s fave!

I ended up grabbing a few other things as well just to round out our food stash at home because I decided earlier today that since we have “grocery spillover” from the previous week that it’s going to be a “use up what ya got” kinda pre-holiday week!  I am excited, but ya’ll know I like that kinda stuff.  Gettin’ my food creativity on 😉

Anywho, I was originally planning on doing a frozen TJ’s veggie lasagna tonight with some salad however was overcome by a random craving for slow cooker barbecue chicken, kicked up mac n’ cheese with bleu cheese salad.  So that’s what went down!

It had been too long since Nanny’s slow cooker had made an appearance, and it is really the perfect thing for small pieces of meat and the shredded style none the less.

So I used our good friend Mr. Giant Lasts Forever BBQ Sauce and dumped that over 3 small chicken breast halves.   Cooked on setting 5 (high) for about 40 minutes until done.

Then removed chicken, shredded it up using the 2-fork-method

And put back into the sauce with some additonal as well.  Voila, easy peasy!

We also had some of this Whole Foods purchase to go alongside, made with none other than my fave Icelandic butter 🙂

Plus a fun & festive salad including

  • romaine mix (eek bought the mix tonight, needed a break!)
  • chopped cucumbers
  • chopped onion
  • chopped granny smith apple
  • blue cheese w/ cranberry crumbes
  • black pepper

I made up a quick vinagrette using these guys + salt/pepper

  • 1 tblsp olive oil
  • 1 tblsp balsamic vinegar
  • 1/2 tblsp rhubarb & berry jam
  • 1 tsp agave
  • salt/pepper
  • splash water to thin out if you need it

TRUE STORY:  The Man, and I quote, was almost refusing to eat this dressing mixture bc he said it was gonna be “thick and eww” — so I proceeded to do some mixin’ around and made him taste it.  Yea, take that boyfriend, he loved it upon first finger dunk!!!  😛

Salad was AWESOME! I love the bleu cheese w/ the random bites of cranberries throughout — it really reminded of something I’ve had at Panera I think?  Either way, heck yea 🙂

Also, I have GOT to find more of this bbq sauce… it was on sale last time I got it at World Market so I am prayin’ it’s still around bc it is seriously the best sauce I have tasted from a bottle!!!

The WF mac n’ cheese kicked boo-tay too… it came with some sort of herbs mixed throughout that just added that extra something, pretty impressed for a box o’ noodles 😉

Dinner served.  Yummmmm-Ooooooooooo Friday easy dinner I ❤ U!

Check out what The Man was doing while I got to cookin’  😛  a lil’ curiousity on the Jillian Michaels Wii Fit workouts ehhh?!?!

He was “setting it up for me”  😉  ….  

As for now, time to go play some more Wii games with my main man (yes, that would be Mario haha jk! ) and be an uber-nerb tonight!  Plus more wine, obviously 😉

Oh, but before I go, friends don’t forget to send me your entries for the Blogger Secret Ingredient this week!  Gotten some great ones so far & want to see some more from all you fabulous peeps 🙂  Don’t leave me hangin?!

Have a fantastic night friends!


2 responses to “Side-tracked by Whole Foods, story of my life haha

  1. Your evening is how Mike and I spend many of our weekend nights. Love it 🙂 Have fun!

  2. It’s official. You’ve made me hungry enough to actually get out of bed and make breakfast!
    That shells and alfredo looks so good!

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