Whoa Biggest Loser workout alert!

Hey hey friends, just wanted to stop in & say a quick hello! 🙂

I’ve had a lovely Saturday so far & I hope you have to!  I actually slept in til 9am (!!) and then enjoyed a leisurely batch of stove top oats.  Anyone ever add cream cheese & banana to their oats?!  It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to eat these guys, the smell is just heavenly and the taste even better… dessert or breakfast my mouth keeps questioning?!?

Then I did a fabulous ExerciseTV workout:  The Biggest Loser CardioMax Bootcamp with Bob Harper… 20 minutes of holy crap hard, who knew?!  I will definitely be doing this one again for a fast great workout!  I also banged out the 15 minute Ab RipperX ala P90X.  Great way to start the day if you ask me 🙂

After all that I had worked up quite the appetite, and I knew just what I wanted!  A repeat of last night’s dinner, that salad was just too good.

Yes, this is an imposter picture from last night 😛

And more chicken bbq with alfredo shells & cheese!

Another imposter *eek!*

There may or may not have been some red velvet cupcake eating from the freezer as well 😉

We have some shopping planned for this afternoon & then we’re goin’ out for The Man’s birthday festivities with some friends!  Should be a fun night…. see ya back later & enjoy your Saturday friends!


4 responses to “Whoa Biggest Loser workout alert!

  1. I can’t wait to hear about your evening! I love a good night out every now and again. 🙂

  2. um yah, i’m totes adding cream cheese and ‘nana to my next bowl of oats. Do you add it while it’s cooking on the stove top or mix it in afterwards? I’m so nosey 😉

    have a great night!

  3. I never thought about adding cream cheese to oats!! yummm. and I DO have some extra CC in my fridge…I see this coming this week! 🙂

  4. Check out more JIllian workouts on sale for cyber monday at ExerciseTV!! Find gifts for yourself or others under $25, $50 or $100!

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