Licking the plate clean?? haha

Hola friends!  Happy Sunday night 🙂 ??

Since last visit here’s how our day went down:

After a short noon-time nap on the couch I ate a quick leftover lunch then woke Sleeping Beauty from his slumber, 1pm friends, yes 1pm haha 😉

We got showered up an headed down to BW3’s to watch the Packers game & to get his royal highness some buffalo wings – win win on all accounts!  Great way to spend a few hours this afternoon…

After some more Wii Mario Bros (we have problems haha) we headed over to my parents house for The Man’s birthday dinner!


When we arrived at the parental’s abode the cooking action had already started!

The big to-do remaining was the mac n’ cheese since Mom had made the bbq ahead of time (she’s a planner, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree eh? 😉 )…. so Mom enlisted yours truly to lend a hand.

The sauce was made using a roux of butter & flour, adding some herb & garlic infused milk until thick before finishing with the cheese

Then mixed with some elbow macaroni & into the oven to bake for a while

In the meantime we cooked some delicious peppered bacon on the stovetop

Along with some chopped onion & garlic… these were going to be the toppings!

Once the mac was done in the oven, we topped with the chopped bacon and onions

Holy cow I couldn’t think of a better dish for The Man for his birthday dinner, this was amazing 🙂 

Mom had also made some pork tenderloin bbq in the slow cooker earlier in the day, so a quick reheat was all it took

Plus a superfab Caesar salad to go alongside, complete with fresh Parm & croutons!

Of course while us ladies were hard at work, the men were making sure the TV “stayed safe” haha 😉

I decided to serve my bbq open-faced style, on a fresh roll with some hot sauce + coleslaw… yes please!

After dinner & perusing through some old school’ pic albums it was time for some dessert!  Mom & lil’ sis were in charge of this venture and let me just say that they out-did themselves this time!!!!

Chocolate Fondue, ummmm pot o’ gold?!

Served with poundcake, bananas, strawberries & apples for dunking… plus some candles for the birthday of course  😛

Served by the most beautiful sister in the world!

OMG was this ever good!!!

Let’s just say I was s-t-u-f-f-e-d after this meal… but so freaking worth it.  And there may or may not be a picture on my camera of a certain someone licking the chocolate off their plate (haha DEF not me 😉 )

It was a wonderful way to end our fantastic weekend — thanks again Fam for being so wonderful and having us over for this incredible meal!!

Alright friends, it’s late and I need to get myself together and ready for this 2 day week whoop whoop!  See ya”ll tomorrow for BSI winner and Monday funday!


10 responses to “Licking the plate clean?? haha

  1. Dinner was great! Let’s do it again soon…perhaps Thanksgiving:)

  2. Holy heavenly dinner! I absolutely adorrrrrrreeeee coleslaw on BBQ pork! That bacon onion garlic mac looks too good to be true. I love cookin with my fam!!

  3. Wow that meal looks right up my ally! BBQ and Mac& Cheese just spell comfort right there.

    I also LOVE chocolate fondue. My mom had a chocolate fountain at my bridal shower instead of a cake. I’m pretty sure that’s all I ate lol.

  4. Sorry been out of touch lately, though all caught up. Glad things have been going well! I love spending time with my family and good food 🙂 I would have licked the plate too 😉

  5. What a fabulous time. With all that amazing food, I don’t think I could have stopped eating.

    Chocolate fondue is one of the best things on the earth. I don’t know if you have Melting Pots out East, or if you have heard of the restaurant, but they have the most amazing dessert fondue.

  6. Holy cow that mac n cheese looks good! Without the onions for me though!

    Great way to spend a birthday! Happy Birthday to your Man! 😀

    And hot sauce is a MUST on pork bbq!

  7. soooo when are you getting your own cooking show? everything looks ridiculously good!

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