WAY past our bedtime! ;)

Well hello there fabulous friends… how ya doin’ today?!

I must say I am a wee bit tired 😉  Combine a very late night + lovely neighbors who decided to mow their lawn + have their children screaming in the yard at 9am = only 6 hours of sleep for this lady = just not cool!  Simple math right?!

I am really hoping to get a nap in today, let’s just say that much hahaha.

Before I get into it I wanted to remind all you fabulous friends to email me (smlane1369@yahoo.com) your Blogger Secret Ingredient recipes by 9pm tonightbleu cheese! — so that I can announce the winner tomorrow & award them with their prize 🙂

So after I saw you last…. woah forever ago (?!) The Man and I spent a good chunk of the afternoon at the mall doin’ some shopping and also running some errands.  We came back and proceeded to get addicted to Wii Mario Bros. for a few hours before getting ready to head downtown for some birthday celebratin’! 

While we were Mario’ing it up we decided on an easy dinner to fill us up before our night out:  Roasted Veggie MultiGrain Lasagna!

Popped into the oven & about 1 hour later here’s what we were working with

All served up, carb-loadin’ for the night if you know what I’m sayin

There may or may not have been some Dove bliss peanut butter chocolates alongside (shhhhh!) 😉

After getting all spiffy-ed up

…we headed downtown to one of his friend’s houses in The Fan.  

This is the area of Richmond a bit west of the downtown center filled with beautiful old-style architecture, lots of restaurants & bars…. and also happens to be where I used to live before buying the new house in suburbia 😉 

We proceeded to have a few beers there (who is this girl?!) and then walked over to a local bar for yet some more brews.

I may or may not have sampled 2 large Blue Moon’s there 😛 plus a few other beers earlier in the night (eh hmmmm 5 what?!) so let’s just say ’twas a superfun night hahaha!!!  

We took a cab back to our neck of the woods and proceeded to play yet more Mario Bros. & munch on some more lasagna… let’s just say that both of these activities were pretty funny by this point hahaha.

I’m not a big beer drinker, but sometimes you just gotta go with the flow peeps…. and it was so much fun!  The Man had a great birthday out & about, and to me was the best part of all 🙂

After staying up WAY past our bedtime we finally hit the sack…..

…..until being woken up by our obnoxious neighbors at 9am.  I won’t go there, for everyone’s sake, k friends?!

Well, once awake I am awake (The Man on the otherhand will most likely sleep like a rock til noon) so I figured why not make the most of it.   Luckily I wasn’t feeling too bad this morning, just sleep deprived (phew!) so I was pretty happy about that. 

This morning’s oats just had to be my new fave banana & cream cheese combo.  Had a few questions on how I made these, so here goes!

  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1 banana, sliced
  • chia seeds
  • cream cheese (lowfat)

Bring water/milk to boil, add next 3 ingredients over medium heat until the oats thicken up…. at this point plop in however much cream cheese ya like and swirl it through as it warms up

And there you have it, holy deelish served with a LARGE iced coffee this morning 😛

Did the trick! 

After breakfast I did some dirty work around the house, i.e. proceeded to start sneaking in Christmas decorations  into random places hoping that The Man doesn’t fully notice until after Thanksgiving.  Gahhh I can’t wait any longer & The Man says we should probably hold out til after Thanksgiving for this – wwwwwhat?!

Example 1:

He’ll never notice, right?! 😉

Alright friends, gotta run, more Christmas decorations must be strategically placed around the house before sleeping beauty awakens!

Today’s agenda includes a trip to Pier 1 hopefully and then The Man’s birthday dinner at my parents house tonight!  Fanatic Mom is making:

  • Pork bbq
  • Homemade mac n’ cheese

I’ll have more to report back later no doubt, have a wonderful day friends! 🙂


7 responses to “WAY past our bedtime! ;)

  1. You looked so adorable last night!

    Your mama sounds like she has quite the meal planned for the man. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. Hahaha I love the before and after shot of your bathroom. I can almost guarantee you he’ll never notice, and by the time he does it will be after Thanksgiving! 😉 Sounds like you had a fun night out, love your outfit BTW! I can’t wait to see what your Mom put together for the birthday feast, sounds delicious.

  3. oats and coffee are the perfect “morning after” breakfast.

    and for the record, I kind of want to steal your boots. If they go missing, it wasn’t me 😉

  4. You look super cute in your going out outfit!! LOVE the boots. Kind of obsessed with boots right now!! 🙂

    Usually I’ve always decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but….I’m havin’ a HARD time waiting this year!! I’ve already busted out the CD’s!

  5. Supa cute boots!!!!!!! Also in LOVE with your sink!! We are redoing a bathroom right now and I’m thinkin I might have to show the boyf that sink for inspiration 🙂

  6. You are such a babe. Look at you in that pic. you look so darn cute!! love your outfit!!

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