With a twist!

Hi friends!  Hope ya’ll kicked off this short holiday week to a great start 🙂

After work today I was really excited to repeat Saturday’s workout again — I know I know, bad Fanatic, but I usually switch it up friends and this one was so good that I needed just one more dose 😉

Last time around:

20 min Cardio Max Bootcamp + 15 min P90X Ab RipperX = felt for the next 24 hours and it was great!

This time around:

Same workout, same place, sweating within 2 minutes & an amazing workout in such a short time!  Abs are feelin’ it too… ahh felt wonderful!

Oh and guess what, we are quickly approaching day 30 of The Man’s P90X adventure so you know what that means!!  Update pictures to come probably around Wednesday just in time for the holidays.  Let me just tell you that the results so far are far past my expectations… and let’s just say that I am one happy lady 😉

Quick update:  K sorry friends, I’ve just been informed that I can’t post anything until the 90 days are up (ummm yea, that was a minor misunderstanding on someone’s party eh hmmm not me 😦 ) I’m really sorry friends!!

Dinner tonight was more of the leftovers from last night’s birthday dinner but with a twist! (Mom cooked for 80 haha love you!)

Probably one of the only times you friends will see the same meal pics 3 times in a row haha, but for realz it’s just so good!

Of course there was the bacon & onion mac n’ cheese 🙂

And too go with I made up  a quick salad with some homemade croutons using the leftover frozen CheeseCake Factory bread! 

Toasted up in the oven at 425F for about 10 minutes with some cooking spray, salt, pepper and oregano until crunchy 🙂  Love random ideas like this on a whim!

Piled high on top of some romaine, onion & sprinkles of this guy

And voila!

Of course you know what I did from here…. it’s just too good!  (+ Italian dressing & hot sauce?)

All together now 🙂

We have some serious TV to watch tonight fireside… unfortunately Gossip Girl is a repeat but ah well!

And pretty soon it’ll be time to heat up some leftover fondue on a commercial break!  Oh and get this, Mom made the fondue with Fat Free evaporated milk so erase some of that guilt right there! 😉

Tomorrow night looks for some fun sister cooking adventures and perhaps the return of one of my fave meals (she’s a vegetarian, there’s your hint 😉 )

There will probably be some wine consumption occurring as well considering no work Wednesday is in full effect this week!

Alright you peeps, gotta run, see ya tomorrow 🙂


13 responses to “With a twist!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving week to you! Thank you for all the TJs suggestions! Added them to my list. Croutons made from Cheesecake bread? OH my amazing! Can’t wait to see the update pics

    • Ugh so guess what I was just suddenly told (def NOT the deal originally!) — can’t post pics until the 90 days are up 😦 I am SO BUMMED right now… grrrr men. I’m sorry!!!!!

  2. want to hear a secret? I’ve never had fondue. I know, I should be shunned from society.

    • I was a fondue virgin too until last night haha! 😛 It is soooo good, and I liked that I knew everything my mom put it in so it felt good indulging — she used some darn good chocolate too might I say!

  3. Okay, I am so freaking jealous right now. The ‘dark’ Cheesecake Factory bread is my favorite bread OF ALL TIMES. Gahh, so amazing!

    Enjoy the leftover fondue!

  4. Wait, did you bring home a loaf of their bread? Did you just ask for extra when you went to eat there? That’s a great idea cuz it’s the best!

    • It was actually bread we got 2 weekends ago when we did curbside pickup and ate at home, however we had so much food we didn’t even touch the bread so instead of wasting it I just threw it in the freezer for a later date! They were super deelish, especially with a hint of oregano all toasted up 🙂

  5. just found your blog! love it!! that bacon mac and cheese sounds SOO GOOD!

  6. sounds like you had one good workout 🙂 Before I knew I had food allergies that cheesecake factory bread was one of my favs

  7. Sister cooking adventures sounds like a lot of fun! ; ) Hope it’s a great time!

  8. Don’t worry now we will just be completely blown away when we see the end result!

    Girl eat those amazing leftovers everyday until they are gone! I don’t blame you. plus that is genius to save the leftover Cheesecake bread and resuse it. Yum.

  9. savoringsarah

    Sooo, in other words, I need to buy TJ P90X for x-mas?! Hahahah!!

    PS- totally cool if you eat that mac every day for all I care…makes my stomach growl every time I see it! MMMMmmm.

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